We are two members of the Algonquin nation and two non-Indigenous Ottawa residents who live near the parkway. We, along with the undersigned supporters, demand the immediate removal of John A. Macdonald’s name from the parkway that stretches along the Ottawa River between Lebreton Flats and Lincoln Fields, as well as all other sites in Ottawa bearing his name. Macdonald was a committed white supremacist, one of the primary architects of the genocidal Indian Residential School system, and a proponent of forced starvation as a means of colonial control of Indigenous people.


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3,937 signatures

1/7/2021 –  10:06 PM EST

(Petition launched 3/6/2021 – 9:30 AM EST)

That the name of John A. Macdonald, the first Canadian prime minister who so blatantly orchestrated crimes against humanity, is still honoured on unceded Algonquin territory is an insult to the many Algonquin survivors of the residential schools he played a fundamental role in creating. We stand in wholehearted solidarity with the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation, devastated by the confirmation of the remains of 215 children buried at the site of the Kamloops Indian Residential School, and the residential school survivors of the Algonquin nation.

Macdonald’s horrifying statements about Indigenous peoples are many. His government created the Indian Residential School system with the expressed goal of destroying Indigenous peoples. Macdonald stated that his government’s goal was to “do away with the tribal system and assimilate the Indian people in all respects with the other inhabitants of the Dominion as speedily as they are fit to change.” He also offered the following justification for the Indian Residential School system:

“When the school is on the reserve, the child lives with its parents, who are savages, and though he may learn to read and write, his habits and training mode of thought are Indian. He is simply a savage who can read and write. It has been strongly impressed upon myself, as head of the Department, that Indian children should be withdrawn as much as possible from the parental influence, and the only way to do that would be to put them in central training industrial schools where they will acquire the habits and modes of thought of white men.”

Macdonald was also responsible for banning Indigenous ceremonies and cultural practices, including making the West Coast Potlatch ceremony a crime, calling it “debauchery of the worst kind, and the departmental officers and all clergymen unite in affirming that it is absolutely necessary to put this practice down”. After the destruction of the bison herds and the confinement of prairie Indigenous nations onto reserves, he also argued in favour of keeping Indigenous communities of that region in near starvation conditions as a matter of government policy: “I have reason to believe that the agents as a whole … are doing all they can, by refusing food until the Indians are on the verge of starvation, to reduce the expense”.

The parkway also winds past many diverse communities in Ottawa, including Black and Asian Canadian communities. John A. Macdonald was an avowed white supremacist who would have decried the incredible diversity of our city today. 

Macdonald’s worldview was shaped by white supremacy and racial exclusion. He claimed that “the Aryan races will not wholesomely amalgamate with the Africans or the Asiatics” and that “the cross of those races, like the cross of the dog and the fox, is not successful; it cannot be, and never will be.”

While Prime Minister, he successfully fought to exclude “Chinamen” from the right to vote, arguing that if people “of Mongolian or Chinese race” were allowed to come “in great numbers and settled on the Pacific coast they might control the vote of that whole Province, and they would send Chinese representative to sit here, who would represent Chinese eccentricities, Chinese immorality, Asiatic principles altogether opposite to our wishes; and, in the even balance of parties, they might enforce those Asiatic principles, those immoralities . . . the eccentricities which are abhorrent to the Aryan race and Aryan principles.” 

Macdonald also claimed that Black people should be excluded from Canadian society, arguing that the presence of “Negroes, of whom we have too many” was dangerous because they were “very prone to felonious assaults on white women.”

Macdonald’s infamy is such that even Scotland, his country of birth, has refused to honour him, removing his name from all government websites “following the legitimate concerns raised by Canadian indigenous communities about his legacy”. (BBC)

We applaud the recent removal of the Macdonald statue in Charlottetown, (CBC) and recent efforts by the City of Ottawa and the federal government to remove the name of Hector Louis Langevin from various places in the city. We also applaud a recent letter from Jeff Leiper, Theresa Kavanagh, and Catherine Mckenney, the three city councillors representing Wards 15, 7, and 14, the wards in which the parkway is located, asking for the parkway’s name to be changed. Read the councillor’s letter here:

We make the following demands of both the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission:

  1. IMMEDIATELY remove John A. Macdonald’s name from the parkway. Every day that his name continues to be present on such a prominent feature of the city is an insult to the survivors of the genocidal Indian Residential School system. His name has only been on the parkway since 2012 and can easily be removed.
  2. Consult with the 11 communities of the Algonquin nation on a new, Algonquin language name for the parkway.
  3. Conduct a thorough review of the place names in the city of Ottawa, including public buildings, streets, and transportation hubs, to remove any names that honour the architects of the genocidal Indian Act and the Indian Residential School system, and those complicit in the murder and abuse of generations of Indigenous children. 

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Albert Dumont (Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg)

– Please also see Albert’s recent blog post and poem about the horror of Kamloops Residential School:

Monique Manatch (Algonquins of Barriere Lake)

Roxanne Buckle (Ward 7 Resident)

Brenda Mason  (Ward 15 Resident)


Please note that your personal contact information will solely be used for the purpose of submitting this petition. 


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3,937 signatures

1/7/2021 –   10:06 PM EST

(Petition launched 3/6/2021 – 9:30 AM EST)




Vanessa Dorimain, Ottawa Black Diaspora Coalition

Majed Jarrar, Canadian Council of Imams

Chinese Canadian Collective, Ottawa

Cap City Cyphers, Ottawa

Veronica Roy, Executive Director, House of PainT, Ottawa

Rachel Decoste, Ottawa

The Right Reverend Shane A. D. Parker, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa

The Very Reverend Beth Bretzlaff, Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Ottawa

Erin Leigh, Executive Director, Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW)

Courage Ottawa

Horizon Ottawa

Dawson Mihichuk, Creator of the petition to rename Fort Frances’ Colonization Road, Fort Frances, Ontario

Scott McNaughton, Suits His Style, Ottawa

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Serisha Iyar, Leading in Colour, Orleans

Patsea Griffin, Ottawa, The Thunderbird Sisters Collective , Métis Nation of Ontario

Institute of Political Economy (Carleton University), Ottawa

Vivic Research , Ottawa,              

Ifrah Yusuf, Ottawa, ON, Justice For Abdirahman

Shawna Holmes, Ottawa, Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa

Bonnie Weppler, Ottawa, The Church Council on Justice and Corrections

Melanie Stafford, Ottawa Overdose Prevention Ottawa   

Geneviève Colverson, Ottawa

Megan Aubin, Ottawa, Community Food Partnership

Inuuqatigiit- Centre for Inuit children, youth and families,  Ottawa, Inuit

Cody Zulinski, Ottawa GPO Candidate for Carleton

Megan Breau, Toronto

Matias Munoz, Ottawa, Ottawa Showbox

Annette Hegel, Ottawa,  Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC)


Lyne Major, Gatineau

John Felice Ceprano, Gatineau, Ottawa Rock Art

Andrew A Michrowski, Ottawa     Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.          

Anita MacLean   Ottawa, The First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa

june Girvan, Ottawa, J\’NiKirA Dinqinesh Education Centre – Every Child is Sacred   

Coalition Against More Surveillance, Ottawa

Bethalee, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Alex Silas, Ottawa, Public Service Alliance of Canada – National Capital Region (PSAC-NCR | AFPC-RCN)

Toufic El Daher, AFPC PSAC

Paige Malcolm, Ottawa

Jane Rau, OTTAWA

Kaitlin Milroy & Alex Millaire, Ottawa, Moonfruits

Carmel Hynes-Whittle, Ottawa  No Borders Art Festival, Qalipu Mi’kmaq Nation NL & Lab

Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Executive Committee, Ottawa, University of Ottawa Students Union

Marcus Z, Ottawa, Coptic Coalition

Marie Boddington, Kingston

Maria Rigby, OTTAWA, OMRA Shelter Corp         

Janyce E. Elser-Ethier , Russell, Ottawa KAIROS Chapter

Steven Kenneth Moore,  Ottawa, United Church of Canada Clergy

Angela Keller-Herzog, Ottawa, Green Party (candidate Ottawa Centre)

Susan Lewis, Gatineau

The Rev. Dr. Jon Martin, Stittsville, Parish of March – Anglican

Carolyn Seabrook, North Gower

Simone Hurkmans, Ottawa          All Saints Anglican Church Westboro

Eric Morin   Aylmer , Qc, Anglican diocese of Ottawa

Gary van der Meer, Ottawa, St John the Evangelist Anglican Church

Patrick Stephens, Ottawa, Anglican Diocese of Ottawa  

The Rev. Dr Mary-Catherine Garden, Ottawa , Anglican Diocese Of Ottawa


 Shawn Menard, City Councillor, Capital Ward, Ottawa

Lyra Evans, Trustee for Zone 9, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Joel Harden, Ottawa, MPP for Ottawa Centre

Alan Craig, Gatineau, Qc, Canada, PSAC

Kyrstin Dumont ,Ottawa , Algonquin First Nations


 Archipel Research and Consulting, Ottawa

Anna-Karina Tabunar, Ottawa

Tarek Hassan, Gongfu Bao, Ottawa

PML contracting, Ottawa

Mackenzie Robertson, Octopus Books, Ottawa

Valerie Leloup, NU Grocery

Ciarra White, Glambyciarra, Ottawa

Velvet LeClair, Centretown Friends Home Day Care, Ottawa

Don Monet, Cube Gallery, Ottawa

ANGELA OLEARY, Cantley, Quebec

Ivan Gedz, Union: local 613, Ottawa

Sharon Nyangweso, Ottawa, Quake Lab Incorporated, Ottawa

Gabrielle Sexton,  Chouxchoux pastry shop, Gatineau

Ashna Ali, Anti-Heroine Media

Allison McKinley, Salon My Place, Wakefield

Stephen Wall, Supply and Demand, Ottawa

Erica Ifill, Not in My Colour, Ottawa

Jessica Carpinone, Bread by Us, Ottawa

Gabriel Jort, Wakefield, Alska farm

Autumn Odjick, Maniwaki, Kitiganzibi Zibi

Riley Gilchrist , Ottawa , Aperitivo

Katy Munro, Ottawa, Soft Starlight

Paul Vallee, Ottawa ,Tehama

Pierre Belanger     Kingston    Open Systems Lab

Liz Mok, Ottawa, Moo Shu Ice Cream

Dinah Robinson, Ottawa, Bytown Bees

 Gerry Madden, Ottawa

William Kerr, Belleville

Andrew, Ottawa, AJS Woodworks

Tina Barton, Ottawa, Hungry Babe Inc

Jacob Baart, Ottawa, Microgreens Ottawa

Max Touchette, Ottawa

Amanda Presley, Ottawa

Kimberly Sogge, Ottawa, Ottawa River Psychology Group

Andrea Bowie, Ottawa, Shaded Canada

Frank Wilson, Ottawa

Matt Watson, Ottawa, Matt Watson Tattoo

Melissa Dorsay, Ottawa,Midwifery Collective of Ottawa

Derek Hille, Ottawa

Gabriel Rivett-Carnac, Ottawa, GabesImages 

Amy, Ottawa, Ocsb

Fern Vale Volante, Ottawa, Pretty Weird

Carole Langlois, Orleans, Elroy Moon, Metis

Anthony Stanisci, Ottawa, Stega Networks

Joy K, Ottawa, Dairy Queen Franchisee

BARRY WELLAR, Nepean, Information Research Board, Inc.

Cullen Petersen, Ottawa, Starbucks

Carrie-Lynn Barkley, Ottawa, Barrister and Solicitor


Shady Hafez, Ottawa, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Iain Best, Ottawa, Metis

Schuyler Hedrick, Kanata, Ontario, Fishing Lake First Nations

Aliqa Illauq, Montcerf-Lytton, Kangiqtugaapik

Bethany Rachael Joy Jacobs, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Anishinabe

Denver Newman, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mi’kmaq

Sabre Pictou Lee, Halifax, Mi’kmaq

Jeannie Namagoose, Ottawa, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Amy Spetter, Victoria, Tla-O-Qui-Aht 

Angie Daniels, Gatineau, Quebec, Long Plain First Nation

Linda Nothing, Calgary

Colleen Hele, Gloucester

Adelle Farrelly, Ottawa, Métis

Johnny Trapper, Nemaska, Cree

Solomen Begg, Big Trout Lake, Ontario

Carl Chaboyer, Ottawa, Anishinabe, Red Rock Indian Band

 Audra Foggin, Calgary, Mount Royal University, Frog Lake First Nation Treaty 6 Territory

Debi Lascelle, Ottawa

William Jones, Garden River

Janice Oolayou, Ottawa, Inuit

Anne Lapierre

Jennifer King, Ottawa, First Nations

Paulette A Winder, Rome , New York, Haudenosaunee

Marisa Blake, Ottawa, Ojibway

Desiree Bissonnette, Lloydminster, Alberta, Metis Nation of Saskatchewan

Ally Freedman, Ottawa, Metis

Crystal Harrison Collin, Sioux Lookout

Shakaronia, Akwesasne, Mohawks

Joel Menard, Ottawa, Tsilhqotʼin

Shawn Delaney, Ottawa, Kitigan zibi

Carrington Christmas, Toronto

Lynda Kitchikeesic, Ottawa, Eabametoong First Nation

Bridget Dueck, Orleans, Mi’kmaq

Syvlie Picard, Gatineau

John Carlson, Ottawa, Anishinabe, Red Rock Indian Band

Doe Griffin-Carlson, Ottawa, Anishinabe, Red Rock Indian Band

Emily Brascoupe-Hoefler, Orleans, Kitigan Zibi Anisbinabeg

Sonya Gray, Ottawa, Tlingit

Jamie Spence, Ottawa, Anishinabe

Jeremy Speller, Victoria, Mi’gmaq

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Angele Dumont, Ottawa, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Cassondra Barnaby, Kitigan Zibi

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Rae-Anna Whiteduck, Ottawa, Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg

Kristy Odjick, Kitigan Zibi, Algonquin

Grace Salomonie, Ottawa, Cape Dorset, Nunavut

Ann Brascoupé, Niagara Falls, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

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Haleigh McKenzie, Ottawa, First Nations

Alta Beaucage, Ottawa, Ojibway

Amanda Kilabuk, Ottawa, Inuit

Karen Joyner, Ottawa, Cree Nation of Chisasibi

Barb Cayer, Ottawa, Kitigan Zibi

Jacqueline Addison, Ottawa, Keeseekoose First Nation

Justin Cray

Kyle St-Amour-Brennan, Vancouver, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Katherine Takpannie, Ottawa, Inuk

Fawn Getty, Ottawa, Stoney Nakoda Nation

Jane Commanda, Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg , Algonquin Nation

Myriah Graham  , Ottawa, Nunatsiavut

Kimberly, Ottawa

Liam Dolan, Ottawa

Eli Moore, Gatineau, Cree

Vaughn Beaulieu-Mercredi, Edmonton, Dene Tha’ First Nation

Oolooci Taukie, Ottawa, Inuit

Sherry Kohoko, Pikwakanagan, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation, Indian Reserve No. 39

Laila, Ottawa

Michele Gervais, Orleans, Metis

Melanie Benoit, Ottawa

Vanessa Brousseau, Ottawa

Yannick Alie, Montreal, Anishinabe

NICOLE Whiteduck, Ottawa, Algonquins of Barrier Lake

Gail Stup, St Catharines, Beausoleil First Nation

Nepewisk Sullivan , Ottawa, Paqtnkek First Nation

Sarah McCaffrey, Crysler, Metis

Lise Menard, Ottawa, Metis/Abenaki

Leona Commanda, Maniwaki, Kitigan Zibi

David Logue, Maniwaki, Kitigan Zibi

Nakuset, Montreal, Cree

Terry McKay, Ottawa

Kahetonni Mitchell, Ottawa, Akwesasne

Shannon Whiteduck-Odjick, Kitigan Zibi, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg                  

Jenny Ratt, Maniwaki, Algonquins of Barriere Lake

Kathy Erardi, Maniwaki, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Josee Taillefer, Ottawa

Jamie, Dartmouth, Irving Shipbuilding Inc.,Mi\’kmaq from Elsipogtog NB

Susan Pitre, Orleans, Metis                         

Terry Beach, Ottawa                     

Shelley Warnock, Ottawa             

Jeffrey Hutt, Tyendinaga,mohawk territory , Mohawk of Tyendinaga

Whitney Hynes   St. John’s, Qalipu Mi’Kmaq First Nations

Martine Gionet , Moncton

 Lisa Abel, Ottawa

Jaclyn Tompalski, Ottawa, Sahtu Dene, Ft. Good Hope

Claire Melissa Sainsbury, Cartwright

Sydney Selch

Darren Gendron, Acton, Shabot Obaadjiwan

Zoe Todd, Ottawa, Red River Metis

Greg Reiser, Ottawa, Peguis FN in Manitoba

Gary Longboat, Ottawa, Haudenosaunee Mohawk

Sam wong, Ottawa, Metis

Paige Kendell, Ottawa, Qalipu

Leo Cheverie, Charlottetown

Alexandre Dumais-Dube, Quebec, Laval University, Zitigan Zibi

Burke Campbell  , Ottawa, Metis

Brenda Macdougall, Ottawa, Metis, Saskatchewan

Pamela Fauteux , Ottawa , Mohawk- Kanehsatake

Timothy Gull, Ottawa , Waswanipi First Nation

Katherine Nassrallah, Ottawa, Shoal Lake #40

Sheena Holley, Gatineau , Labrador metis

Olivia Quintal, Ottawa

Bob Whiteduck Crawford , Mississauga , Algonquin

Kearn Payne, Ottawa, Algonquin

Sophia Barkhouse, Ottawa, Namgis First Nations British Columbia

Marieve Soares, Orleans, Algonquin

Stella Moar, Nemaska, Cree

Chantal Batt, Ottawa, Anishnaabeg of Naongashiing

Jerôme Gedéon   Gatineau, Québec, Mi\’kmaq

Nancy Boudrias, Ottawa, Algonquin First Nation

Napatsie Lucassie, Nepean, Inuit

Bobby Crite, Maniwaki First nation

Emily Kells, Victoria, BC, Lekwungen

Sasha Trudeau, Vanier, Wikwemikong

Jacqueline Jeffery, Cornwall, Metis Nation

Anna Cote, Kitigan Zibi , Anishnabeg

Michele J Penney, Ottawa, Saulteaux

Alison Commando, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Algonquin Nation

Carissa Metcalfe-Coe, Ottawa, Nunatisavut

Jessica Dumont, Ottawa , Kitigan Zibi

Dr. Timothy Moran, Ottawa, Metis

Mary Maracle, Tyendinaga territory, Mohawks of the bay of quinte

Katie, Almonte, Kitigan Zibi

Janine Roy, Ottawa

Alex Nahwegahbow, Ottawa, Anishinaabe, Whitefish River First Nation

Marie-France Lariviere    Gatineau

Peggy Handel, Bridgewater, Acadia First Nation

Willum Manatch, Lincoln NB, Algonquins of Barriere Lake

Shirley M Tolley , Maniwaki, Kitigan Zibi, unceded Algonquin Territory

Michelle Dumont, Ottawa, Kitigan Zibi First Nation

Jayme Craig, Ottawa, Algonquin Anishinaabe                       

Jacques Gedéon, Gatineau, Gesgapegiag

Ashlyn Grakist, Barrhaven

John St. Dennis, Dunrobin, Metis

Maria Seitcher, Kanata, Tla-o-qui-aht

Roland Gedeon, Rimouski, Mig\’mac

Lynn Lozinski, Washago

Brianna Chabot, Ottawa, Mi\’kmaq

Jeri Malone, Cambridge, Metis

Kristine taraschuk, Gatineau

chris dery, Cantley Quebec, Algonquin first nation

Albert Dumont, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Algonquin

Edward Paibomsai, Ottawa

Cecile Dumont, Quyon, Quebec, Kitigan Zibi

Lynda Campbell , Minden

Pauline Gibeau, White Lake, Ontario

Martha Wilson, Ottawa

Joyce Bouthiette, Algonquin Territory, Saulteaux

Amanda Decontie, Maniwaki , Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

linda desaulniers, Hanmer, Algonquin       

Noémie Lauzon-Paquin, Gatineau, Kanesatake

Randy Kakegamick, Ottawa

Eric John Large, Saddle Lake, Saddle Lake

Gilbert McIntosh, Portland Oregon, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Melissa St. Germaine-Small, Wellandport, Rama First Nation

Sebastien Beaudoin, Campbell’s Bay, Dibaajimowin Pontiac Algonquin

Kaitlyn Budge, Almonte, Kitigan Zibi

Lucien Rondeau ,Egan-Sud, Sachigo Lake

Nikkutai Folger, Ottawa, Inuk

Kim, Ottawa, Algonquin

Gwen Palluq, Ottawa, Inuit

Cree Atatise ,Thunder Bay, ON, Lac La Croix First Nation

Terry McKay      

Sheila Yendall     Cardinal On

Jeff Poulette       Greely

Doreen Stevens, Ottawa on,Scorpius multimedia Arts ,      Algonquin

Barbara Dumont-Hill, Nepean, ON, KitiganZibi Anishinabeg

Amanda Martin, Gatineau

Lise Leggate, Richmond ON, Algonquin Nation

Nicole Hill, Perth, Lanark County

Sue, Ottawa                

Elaine Endanawas , Brampton, Ontario, Anishnawbe

Richard Cywink, Gatineau, Wiikwemkoong

Kelsey Hebert, Gatineau, OCSB, Metis

Meagan Teiotsistokwahte McComber, Casselman, ON, Kahnawake, QC

Kelsey Fanset , Ottawa, Metis

Ainslie S. Wiggs , Kanata, Ojibwe

Darrell Paul , Orleans

Amanda Decontie , Maniwaki , Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Elaine Blais, Hawkesbury ,ON

Terry Beach, Ottawa, Metis

Mariette McSween Senecal, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot 

   Lise Menard, Ottawa, Metis/Abenaki 

Camille Vaillant, Gatineau, Metis, Kitchi-Sipi

Jennifer Printup, Ottawa unceded, Anishnabeg Kitigan Zibi

Claudette Longpre, Ottawa, Metis – Montagnais

Anne-Marie Lariviere, Gatineau, Cree

Mariette McSween Senecal, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot 

Samantha Burger, Ottawa, Algonquin

Katherine Archibald, Owen Sound, Acadian Band Yarmouth Nova Scotia

Norma christin, Ottawa, Crystal beach

Paul Gareau, Edmonton,  Faculty of Native Studies,  Metis Nation

MaryAnn Valentine, Ottawa, Cree

Joclyne Lariviere ,  Gatinaeu

Leo Lariviere, Gatinaeu

Sonia Stevens,  Saugeen #29

Mercedes Deziel-Hupe La Nation, Cree and mixed heritage

Charly Defouw, Kootenays, Metis

Bonnie Watts, Ridgeville, Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation, Anishinaabe Nation

Emily Vandyk, Ottawa, Inuit

Diana Lewis, London, Western University            

Pamela Ottawa, Algonquin-Metis

Stephanie Lecavalier, Ottawa, Wet’suwet’n

Katie Ann Maddock, OTTAWA, Mi’kmaq

Natalie Cyr, Ottawa, Algonquin

Kayla Fabian, Almonte , Algonquin Cree, Metis

Chantale Desrochers, Ottawa, ON, Algonquin

Sylvia Baptiste, Ottawa  Sylvia Baptiste, Algonquin

Neal Shannacappo , Ottawa, Rolling River

Zachary Porter, Ottawa, Cowessess First Nation, Nehiyawih

Jacques Marengere, Ottawa, Vanier, Mi’kmaq-Algonquin

Stephanie Bond, Pontiac, Gespeg nation

Cassidy Thomas,  Gatineau, Quebec, Algonquin

Angela king, Kanata, Metis

Bianca Nolet, Ottawa, Kanesatake

Tee Lazore, Ottawa,Ontario, Canada, Mohawk

Johanna Lazore, Ottawa, Mohawk

Danielle K.L. Gregoire, Almonte, Metis

Erika Britt Pruden, Ottawa, Metis

Buffy Williams, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory 

Kathryn Fournier, Ottawa, St Thomas the, Pinaymootang First nation

Veda Weselake, Ottawa               , Cree, Metis     

Meaghan Dale, Whitby, Chippewas of Rama First Nation              

Alice Olsen Williams, Curve Lake First Nation      

Lili Miller, Ottawa, Wolastoq      

Mary Strickland, Ottawa, Algonquin

Carla Gonzalez-Strickland, Ottawa, Ontario, Algonquin of Pikwanagan

Katy Rankin-Tanguay, Ottawa, Abitibiwinni

Anne Racine, Ottawa, Mi’gmaq

Josee Lebrun, Gatineau Qc, Kitigan zibi

Melissa St-Pierre Rakauskas, Ottawa, Algonquin Anishinabe

Barbara Linklater , Ottawa, Nisichawayashik Cree Nation

Austin Kennedy, Ottawa, Little Pine

Jessica, Ottawa

Jenni Whiteduck Leveillee, Gatineau, Kitigan zibi anishinabeg

Anthony Stanisci, Ottawa, Algonquins of Ontario

John Ward, Gatineau, Kitchisibi Algonquin Territory

Donald Demers, Ottawa, Algonquins of Barriere Lake

Judy Longhurst, Ottawa, Bunibonibee First Nation

Jenn Forgie, Gatineau, Algonquin

Nadia Trempe, Gatineau, Kitigan Zibi

James Lumsden  , Ottawa, Inuvialuit

Laura Howard, Gatineau , Red Sucker Lake

Olivia Smith, Gatineau, Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg

Sharon Riendeau, Gatineau

France Lepage, Unit 51

Shania Mentuck  , Gatineau, Waywayseecappo First Nation          

Sherry-Lynn Daley, Gatineau

Kenneth mongo stevens, Kitigan zibi, Algonquin

Tam Prud\’homme, Ottawa, Michipicoten First Nation

brigitte danis, Courtice, Metis

Susan McKay Pitre, Ottawa, Metis Nation of Ontario

Amal Jellouli       Nepean

Isabelle Dallaire, Gatineau, Malecite de Viger First Nation

Karen (Kari) Hanes, Ottawa OCENET, Chippewas of Nawash

Del Jacko, Gatineau , Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Rachèle Prud\’homme                OTTAWA

Samantha Forige, Woodstock, Algonquin

Emily Belanger  Gatineau

Tammy Forgie   Gatineau, Quebec , Native Alliance of Quebec Metis (Algonquin)

Dave Whiteduck, Ottawa, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan

F.C. Belcourt, Markstay, On. Metis

Mylène Jodoin-Roy, Gatineau

Victor Belcourt  Ottawa, Metis Nation of Ontario

M-L  Perron, Ottawa, Metis

Kathryn Fournier, Ottawa, Pinaymootang First Nation

Mance Granberg, Kingston, First Nations Abenaki

Billie Kearns, Ottawa, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation


Danycka Perault, KINGSTON, Kichiespirini Algonquin

Iakohentiio Claus, Kingston, Mohawk

June Ferris-Baker, Kataroqwi, Metis

Melissa Omiunu, Calgary, Treaty 7 land

Don Lalonde, Ward 15 Kitchissippi           

Mickey Mouse, Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney Company Band of thr Six Magic Mice

Jaime Dumon, Ottawa, ON, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation

Natasha Stirrett, Carleton University

Corina Clouthier, Ottawa, Ojibwe

John Hill, Ottawa, Algonquin

Lisc Daley, Yellowknife, legislature, Kitigan Zibi

Katherine Dines, Nepean

Isir Ali    Ottawa

Sylvia Harvey      St. Marys

Linnéa Rowlatt Ottawa

Shunghyo Kim     Ottawa

Lila Nesbitt          Gatineau

Tionne McNamara Ottawa

C Chiu    Ottawa

Laura Avalos       Gatineau

Judy       Nepean

Maria Margaritis  Victoria

Lindsay Naish     Ottawa

Victor Ong           Ottawa

Shayna Cacciotti Ottawa

Pamela Schreiner Ottawa

Amjad Farran      ottawa

Sheri Nevill          Georgetown, Ontario

Billie-Jo Hardy    Toronto

Marty Molengraaf   Markham

Cosette Vandenberg        Ottawa

Léa Raymond-Marshall Ottawa

Cosette Vandenberg        Ottawa

Carole Giroux     Val-Des-Monts

Len Fardella        Ottawa

Julien Lemay       GATINEAU

Shahani Goonetilleke       Ottawa

Kassandra Antille Gatineau

Hulya Agyar        Ottawa

Loudy Joseph      Gatineau

Alexandra Derry Ottawa

kristen beausoleil             Ottawa

Roxanne Laneuville          Gatineau

Normand Charbonneau Montreal

Kevin Tremblay  Gatineau

Daniel Buckles    Ottawa

France Cyrenne  Ottawa

Sarah Sloan         Ottawa

Natalie Longarini  Ottawa

Tessa Button      Ottawa

Sébastien Desjardins    Thurso, qc

Melanie Ecklund  Ottawa

Alex Hosselet      Ottawa

Amanda Ethier   Ottawa

Pei-Ju Wang        Ottawa

Joanne Gardner Ottawa

Carly Pagliarello Ottawa

Caitlin Brookes   Ottawa

Aaron Schmidt    OTTAWA

Gloria Cawthorn   Ottawa

pamela naymark ottawa

Hélène Poirier Montréal

Casey Craig         Toronto

Jon shatat           Ottawa

Cindy Fairbrother Manitouwadge

Briar Howes        Ottawa

Joe-Ann Kozack  Hamilton

Ravi Philar           Ottawa

Lune Major         Gatineau

rehan samad       stittsville

Jean-Benoît Soucie Gatineau

Kathryn Langevin  Ottawa

Jessica Martin    Ottawa

Emma Legault    Ottawa

Leigh     Ottawa

Maya Gold          Ottawa

Dan Wilcock       Ottawa

Marnie Mitchel  Ottawa

Natasha Oliveira Zepeda

Jean Clarke         Ottawa

Mary Gunn          Ottawa

Brynna Lemmex Ottawa

Shereen Farag    Ottawa

Dwight Williams Ottawa

cheryl Brouse     OTTAWA

Liam Crapper      Ottawa

Mary Myles         Ottawa

Nerissa Antwi     Vancouver

Dallis Neiman     Ottawa

Irene van de Lagemaat   OTTAWA

Jannie van Eijk    Ottawa

Julie Bishop         Ottawa

Catherine Mills   Ottawa

sree       ottawa

marlene Campbell Ottawa

Mona Shadid      Ottawa

Stephane Bourget Labelle, qc

Kelly Hutchinson Ottawa

Etana Dang         Ottawa

Kaily Kay             

Tudor Robins      Ottawa

Nicholas Eisner Ottawa

Angie jodoin       Ottawa

Marcie Taylor     Ottawa

Maylyssa Landry Granby

Sandra Zagon     Ottawa

Nick Churchman Ottawa

Patricia Redmond Ottawa

Stephanie Duggan Nepean

Frederick Holmes Ottawa

Cathy Campbell  Ottawa

Joan Bickerton   Kanata

Mike Bedford     Ottawa

Teresa Thomas  Ottawa

Mari Mannisto   Geraldton

Alex Wood          Ottawa

Naika Mercier    Ottawa

Heather Pearl     Ottawa

Holly R Cartwright Ottawa

Dawn Wood-Memic Ottawa

Ahmad Lutfi        Ottawa

Denise Deby        Ottawa

Judy Simpson      Ottawa

Kaatje Yates        Ottawa

Doug Jacques     Ottawa

Ashley Bickerton  Ottawa

Barry Millman     Ottawa

Jennie Hornosty Ottawa

Jonathan Rothschild Ottawa

Cyndie Ingalls     Ottawa

Judith Brooks, Ottawa

Jean Acharya, Ottawa

Sagal Ismail, Ottawa

Eleanor Shaughnessy, Ottawa

Sarah Albrecht, Ottawa

Emily Comor, Ottawa

Sally Guy, Ottawa

Clyde Ledbetter, Cheyney University, Cheyney, Pennsylvania 

Ali Hussein Ali, Ottawa

Elke Dring, Ottawa

Annette Dillon, Ottawa

Mohamed Miguil, Ottawa

Lana Vuleta, Ottawa

Katherine Reilly, Ottawa

Thea Lewis, Hintonburg, Ottawa

Melissa Newitt, Ottawa

Magda B., Ottawa

Ladan Warsame, Ottawa

 Abdirahman Daheeye, Somali Education Fund, Ottawa

Sahra Omer, Justice for Abdirahman Coalition, Ottawa

Jean-Luc Fournier, Gatineau

Taqwaa Osman, Ottawa

Ahmad Luqman, Ottawa

Thu anh nguyen (King Kimbit), Ottawa

Deborah Pettypiece, Thunder Bay, ON

Nicola Gall, Ottawa

Liette Philippe, Ottawa

Kate Pollon-MacLeod, Ottawa

Victoria Torrie, Ottawa

Alexandra Yarrow, Ottawa

Zeinab, Ottawa

Kimberley Keller, Ottawa, ON

Daisy Adare, Cornwall

Mathilde, Ottawa

Kristi Lavallee, Mount Pearl

Vi Bui, Ottawa, ON

Deeqa Kosar, Ottawa

Sam Belleus, Ottawa

Ingrid Oviedo, Ottawa

James Mihaychuk, Ottawa

Barb Wyre, Ottawa

Samantha McAleese, New Edinburgh, Ottawa

Renee Rivard, Ottawa

Martine Waisvisz, Ottawa

Susan Macfarlane, Ottawa

Nicholas Harrison, Ottawa

Jennifer Nolan, Ottawa

Wayne Hannahs, Thunder Bay

William Milner, Ottawa

John W Langstone, Ottawa

Farhat Rehman, Ottawa

Sheila Purcell, Ottawa, ON

Sharon May

Christian Alan Wright, Ottawa

Meghan, Ottawa

Angele Jodouin, Ottawa

Meredith Weinhold, Gatineau

Mathieu Samson-Savage, Ottawa

Tate Chong, Ottawa

Stephanie Wiafe, Ottawa

Lindsey Wilson, Ottawa

Elaine Wham, Ottawa

Sarah Christine Ruszala, Ottawa

Michelle Burrows, Ottawa

Chris Canas, Ottawa

Aaron Westaway, Ottawa

Erin Brubacher, Ottawa

Amina Ibrahim, Ottawa

Buraidah Razack, Nepean

Boharsitu Omar Hulo, Ottawa

Corinna McAlden, Ottawa

Dawn Schmidt, Ottawa

Amica Hewitt, Ottawa

Esinam Agbeyaka, Ottawa

RoseAnne Mussar, Nepean

Lyndall Atterbury, Nepean

Sydney Depper, Ottawa

Jessica Smith, Ottawa

Jordan D’Amico, Ottawa

Rosemarie D’Amico, Ottawa

Joanne Charlebois, Ottawa

Jennifer Abbott, Richmond, Ontario

John Pereira, Ottawa

Chris Lee, Ottawa

Patrick Flaherty, Ottawa

Victoria Derbyshire, Orangeville

Mary Blakley, Ottawa

Grace Pereira, Ottawa

Robin Feeney, Ottawa

Philippe Parisot, Ottawa

Kieran Delamont, Halifax

Catherine Stockall, Halifax

Elisabeth Van Vliet, Ottawa

S Green, Ottawa

Benoit Goulet, Ottawa

Jaime Sadgrove, Ottawa

Joanna Dean, Cantley, Quebec

Julia Hamer, Ottawa

Gabriela Calugay-Casuga, Ottawa

S.Shah, Toronto

Shirl Hill, Calgary

Katie Maione, Ottawa

M. Di Rosa, QTN, Ottawa

Sabra Ripley, Ottawa

Stacey Rothbard, Ottawa

Emma O’Leary, Espanola, Ontario

Mamèko Morinaka, Ottawa

Michael Wright, Ottawa

Meaghan Foley, Stittsville

Alison Moore, Ottawa

Barb Smith, Ottawa

Michelle Harris, Ottawa

Julie Tremblay, Ottawa

Patricia Ball, Ottawa

Debi Lascelle, Ottawa

Rylee, Ottawa

Kate Smith, Ottawa

Riaz Ishmail, Mississauga

Zaneta Wilkinson, North York

Vasileia Karasavva, Ottawa

John Gervais, Ottawa

Michelle Flynn, Toronto

Anni Preslawski, Gatineau

Sam Hersh, Ottawa

Bradley Vermunt, Zurich, Ontario

Paul Slomp, Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec

Suzanne Fraser, Ottawa

Noor Sharif, Ottawa

Jane Sterlini, Ottawa

Deb Byrnes, Ottawa

Fadi Shureih, Ottawa

Nisha Nayar-Lamourie, Ottawa

Margot Mann, Ottawa

Megan Piercey Monafu, Ottawa

Kristina Cooke, Ottawa

Roxanne D’Amico, Ottawa

Kathleen Godfrey, Ottawa

Grace Calvert, Ottawa

Stacey Gillis, Nepean

David Taylor, Ottawa

Chloe Halpenny, Ottawa

Murray Wong, Ottawa

Sophie Dufault, Ottawa

Jenna, Ottawa

Krisandra Ivings, Ottawa

Samantha Park, Ottawa

Yassin Ziane, Ottawa

Cassandra Myatt, Smiths Falls

Mark Gamache, Toronto

Kathleen Metcalfe, Ottawa

Brendan Lamble, Ottawa

Beatrice Le Bel, Ottawa

Sarah Falkowsky, Ottawa

Philip Thibert, Ottawa

Anne Stankovic, Ottawa

Jaclyn Layton, Ottawa

Shaina Ginsberg, Ottawa

Jessica Leis, Ottawa

Cara Kane, Ottawa

Catherine McGlashan, Ottawa

Christine Sopchyshyn, Rockland

Charlotte Lalonde, Ottawa

Laura Carter, Ottawa

Mary-Jayne Doucette, Kanata

Amy Volume, Ottawa

Eugenie Waters, Carson Clinic, Ottawa

Marta Teresa Kolbuszewska, Ottawa

Rebecca Burnell, Montreal

Amy Kishek, Ottawa

Jennifer Watt, Ottawa

Jim Patterson, Ottawa

Alisa Gayle, Toronto

Sandhu, Ottawa

Taylor Wilcox, Ottawa

Katey Doucette, Ottawa

James Miles, Toronto

Shaun, Ottawa

Alison Sidney, Ottawa

Joshua McEvoy, Ottawa

Shawna Holmes, Ottawa

Tyler Yank, Ottawa

Elisabeth Pfeiffer, Oshawa

Laura Shantz, Vanier

Robyn Aaron, Ottawa

Mica Brdar, Ottawa

Philip Wouda, Gatineau

Janella Ashford, Ottawa

Lorna Mungur, Ottawa

Menatalla Ahmed, Ottawa

Monique Cuillerier, Ottawa

Trisha Allen, Ottawa

Tyler Levitan, Gatineau

Melissa Valencia, Manotick

Angela McGree, Ottawa

Peter Stockdale, Ottawa

Maureen OConnor, Ottawa

Kristen Larkin, Ottawa

Vienna Hamilton, Ottawa

Namitha Rathinappillai, Ottawa

Adam Misener, Ottawa

Kate Strathdee, Ottawa

Joyce Halladay, Ottawa

Holly Patterson, Ottawa

Adam Khalif, Ottawa

Samuelle Stiles, Ottawa

Anisa Ali, Ottawa

Monique Ibrahim, Ottawa

Jules Bagshaw, Ottawa

Daria Kolmogorova, Toronto

Caren Weinstein, Ottawa

Natalie, Ottawa

Emily Leeson, Ottawa

Genevieve Angio-Morneau, Montreal

Alyssa Graydon, Ottawa

Teagan Kennedy, Ottawa

Mara Wheelehan, Ottawa

Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Ottawa

M.paul  Plantagenet

Cassandra Fulgham, Ottawa

Westin Church, Ottawa

Meryem , Ottawa

Lori Kall , Ottawa

Pamela Cowan, Ottawa

Olivia Dooley, Ottawa

Khadija, Ottawa

David Simon , Ottawa

Stephanie Rickey, Nepean

Kelsie Andeel, Ottawa (Vanier North)

Janey Chang, North Vancouver

Larry Wasslen , Ottawa

Erica Buchanan, Ottawa

Erin Sirett, Ottawa

Camille Green-Philippe, Ottawa

Rebecca Donaldson, Ottawa

Roxanne Korpan, Regina

Allyson Colwell, Ottawa

terry rutherford , Camlachie, ON

Carl Neustaedter, Ottawa

chris chapman, ottawa

Michelle Zepeda, Calgary

Selina Snowdon, Ottawa

Nicole Mackin, Ottawa

Deborah Dutcher, Ridgeway

Cara Davidson, Ottawa

Pamela Carriere , Ottawa

Jennifer Pedersen, Ottawa

Hayden Henderson, Vanier

Jodie Malinen, Kingsburg

Nick Kootnikoff, Ottawa

Francesco Manganiello, Ottawa

Fatima HyderAli , Ottawa

Brendan Gibney, Ottawa

Sophie Kwalk, Ottawa

Samantha Stewart, Ottawa

Keya Prempeh, Ottawa

Tyler Parsons, Ottawa

Timothy Gulliver, Ottawa

Chris Trainor, Ottawa

Rachael Martin, Ottawa

Julie Bedard, Ottawa

constance cooke, Victoria

Alexander MacLean, Ottawa

Karen Garland, Ottawa

Madeleine Perras, Ottawa

Mitchell Tucker, Ottawa

Elizabeth Sykes , Ottawa

Coraline Nween, Nepean

Brenda K Smith, Ottawa

Sean Garrity, Ottawa

Michelle Ryan, Ottawa

Denise Bagnell, Ottawa,

Louise Ryan, Gatineau

Chris Bridgen, Ottawa

Vanja Mitrovic, Glebe, Ottawa

Emilie Rochon-Gruselle, Ottawa

Rhonda Konrad, Box 1626

Shannon Green, Nepean

David Robbins, Gatineau

Claudia Nicholson, Ottawa

Elaine Thomas, Ottawa, Algonquin Territory

Sam Yee, Ottawa

Monika Thakker, Ottawa

Karen Kieley, Ottawa

Emma Bainbridge, Ottawa

Beverly Anger,Gatineau

Margaret coligan, Strathroy

Amanda Earl, Ottawa

Jeff Hedderson, Ottawa

Feliciana Goncalves-Sebastiao, Ottawa

Gillian Walker, Ottawa, ON on Algonquin land

Kieran Green, Arnprior

Ian Martin, Ottawa

Lise Richard, Ottawa

Laura May, Ottawa

Elysia Ford, Ottawa

Melanie Allen , Ottawa-Hull

Sylvia Hughes, Ottawa

Christy Fletcher, Ottawa

elissa unrau, Ottawa, ON

Patrick Winter, Ottawa

Emily O\’Connor, Ottawa

Karen Bilson, Ottawa

Vanessa Foran, Ottawa

Tyler Paziuk, Land presently known as Ottawa

Tamara J Mabley-Chaisson, Eagle River

Keith Burnage, Ottawa

Justin Paulson, Ottawa

Nik Ives-Allison, Ottawa

Janelle MacDonald, Ottawa

Beth Halfkenny, Orleans

Meaghan Burden, Ottawa

Heather Sibley, Stittsville

tom marcantonio, OTTAWA

Katie Shapiro, Ottawa

Paula Vidovich, Ottawa

Rebecca Wettlaufer, Ottawa

Jihan Abbas, Ottawa

Abdel Ahmed, Ottawa

Shannon Urie, Ottawa

Rae Griffin-Carlson, Ottawa

Jennifer Hakonen, Ottawa

Genesta MacInnis, Ottawa

Susan Ingram, Ottawa

Benjamin Ogonek, Ottawa

Emily Griffiths, Ottawa

Tara Beauport, Ottawa

Maggie Buttrum, Ottawa

Farah El Siss, Ottawa

Marie Pier, Ottawa

Amy Lajoie, Ottawa

Amy Morin, OTTAWA

Zachary Cearns, Ottawa

Kevin Cover, Ottawa

Amber Labelle, Ottawa

Paul A McDonald, Ottawa

Maggie, Ottawa

Margaret Hambling, Aylmer Quebec

Rachel K., Ottawa

Alec Miske, Ottawa

Danielle Fontaine , ottawa

Genevieve Quesnel, Ottawa

Andrew Burrows, Ottawa

Bob LeDrew, Ottawa

Stephanie Palma, Ottawa

Steffany Trites, Ottawa

Patricia Moore, Ottawa

Deborah EDWARDS, Ottawa

Nelly Almendrades, Nepean

Haniyyah Osman, Ottawa

Barbara Greenberg, Ottawa

Jasmin Yee, Ottawa

Naomi Badour , Ottawa

andrew riddles   Ottawa

Tony Bui, Ottawa

Sarah Sharp-Smith, Ottawa

Stephanie, Ottawa

achour AIT HAMOU, Orleans

Christopher Schultz, Ottawa

Melissa Paré, Ottawa

Paige Livingstone

Sarah Lynn Whitehead, Ottawa

Evan Sterling, Ottawa

rick magill, St. John\’s

Kassandra Burke, North Gower, ON

Stephanie Ehler , Ottawa

Kim Elmslie, Ottawa

Heather Gallant , Halifax

Mike Rideout, Ottawa

Susie Shapiro, Ottawa

Alysha Gardner, OTTAWA

Jo Brien , Ottawa

Christie Ellis Wong, Ottawa

Warren McBride, Ottawa

Greg Parry, Ottawa

Kelly-Anne Maddox, Ottawa

Alex Ducharme, Ottawa

Mikayla Sherry, ottawa

Laurel Duncan, Ottawa

Karolina Krym, Ottawa

Emma P, Ottawa

Josh Lalonde, Ottawa

Stuart Matthews, Kitchener, ON

Melanie Mathias, Ottawa

Jill Reeves, Ottawa

Chris HIRCOCK, Ottawa

Joni-Marie Ferguson, Maniwaki

Nedishtha Gobin , Ottawa

Brooklynn Lacelle, “Ottawa”

Miranda Leibel, Ottawa

Ahmed Al-Hertani, Ottawa

Joanne kennedy, Almonte

Jean-François Durocher, Ottawa

Kelly Kirkwood, Orleans

Madison Veltri, Ottawa

Christy Hamill, Minesing

Ria De Gorter, Ottawa

Donald Patterson, Ottawa

Ashley Hunt, Ottawa

Alexei Halpin, Ottawa

P Mits, Ottawa

Olivia Galloway, Ottawa

Lindy Van Vliet, Ottawa

Clare Goodspeed, Ottawa

Meaghan Mullen, Ottawa

Linda Hart, Ottawa

Andrew Morrison, Thornton

Isaac Edmonds, Ottawa

Terhas Ghebretecle, Ottawa

Anna Dion, Ottawa

Florence Letarte, Ottawa

Charlene Rhead , Ottawa

Lejla Sjekirica, Ottawa

Christopher Scipio, Ottawa

Natasha Jansen  Ottawa

Symon Vézina, Gatineau

Daxton Rhead, Ottawa

Kelly Sirett, Ottawa

Caroline Dionne, Hawkesbury

Allie Skwarchuk  , Winnipeg

Laura Mackey, Montreal

Morna Boyle, Ottawa

Woke Wookiee  Slacker, Ottawa

Mika Wee, Toronto

Nour Fadol, Ottawa

Jessica Joanis, Ottawa

Gabrielle Bishop, Ottawa

Jacquelyn Hollywood, Nepean

Katy Muir-Dolson, Westboro

Tonia E. Snow, Ottawa

Karen West-Taylor, Ottawa

Heather miller, Ottawa

Michael Slavitch, Ottawa

Michael Ferguson, Ottawa

Henry Morris, Ottawa

Ava Austin, Ottawa, ON

Hallie Robinson, Ottawa

Aria Mann, Ottawa

Linda McCabe, Ottawa

Lauren Bogart, Ottawa

Mike Hamilton, Ottawa

Melissa Brown, Russell

Armaan Singh, Ottawa

Madeleine Vigneron, Kanata

Crystal Patterson, Ottawa  On

Joanne Tucker, Ottawa

Michele Thorn, Ottawa

Michael Renaud, Ottawa

Hayley Rivier-Gatt, Ottawa

Erin Hand, Ottawa

Jacques Bourdeau           

Daniela Pavone, Ottawa

Angela Pati, Ottawa

Megan Lafrenière, Ottawa

Cheryl Rodgers, Cambridge

Jessica James, Ottawa

K Loenhart, Ottawa

Emily Borle, Ottawa

Sarah Gilbert, Ottawa

Edward Cashman, Ottawa

Lisa Bedard, Nepean

Josée Michele Richer, Gatineau

Jacqueline Surges, Ottawa

John Mbakulo, Ottawa

Nikki Brown , Ottawa

Christine Langill, Ottawa

Sarah Macri, Ottawa

Sarah Resendes, Ottawa


John Webster, Ottawa

Deborah Tranton, Carleton Place

Veronique Prevost, Ottawa

Eric Welch, Ottawa

Helena Verdier, Ottawa

Theresa Carlson, Ottawa

Fred Fizet, Baie Durfe

Lee Patriquin, Ottawa

David Horlock , Calgary

Marianne Trevorrow, Kingston

Laura Brisson, Victoria

Patricia Wigle, Ottawa

Carole Trepanier, Ottawa

Nada Shouman, Ottawa

Sharon Campbell, Ottawa

Sabrina Gannon,Ottawa

S Marshall, Ottawa

Marlowe Filippov, Nepean

Rev. Karen Niven-Wigston, Ottawa

Natasha Bridgen, Ottawa

Michelle Paladeau-Zic, Ottawa

Julian Ward, Ottawa

Peter Plagiannos, Ottawa

Cathy Remus, Ottawa

Melanie Brown, Ottawa

Helena Merriam, Ottawa

Dylan, Ottawa

Christine Toffolo, Ottawa

Luc Latulippe, Vancouver

Brianna McKelvie, Ottawa

Samantha Tompkins, Ottawa

Karen Anderson , Ottawa

Ronald Pate, Gatineau

Lisa Goodlet, Ottawa

Cassie Slack, Ottawa

Yusuf Jaleel, Ottawa

Jessica Lachance, Ottawa

Laurie Seems, Toronto

Hannah Martin, Ottawa

Emily Wong, Ottawa

Carol Mason, Richmond

Linda Ryan, Ottawa

Vanessa Fournier, Ottawa

Jordan Storozuk, Ottawa

Michèle Biss, Ottawa

Linda Ryan, Ottawa

Philippe Harvey, Ottawa

Anique Kashyp, Ottawa

Katalina Murrie, Ottawa

Deeana Deal, Ottawa

Anna Ulitsky, Ottawa

Kaitlin, Vancouver

Tim Cote, Ottawa

Marta Varisco, Ottawa

Caitlin Corbett, Ottawa

Gregory Sibley, Oakville

Alan Martin, Ottawa

Lise Ridgway, Smiths Falls

McGregor Catherine, Cobden

Shreya Voore, Ottawa

Holly Price, Ottawa

Hugh, Ottawa

Amanda Hoppin, Carleton Place

Lauren Jamieson, Ottawa

Jacinthe Neron, Ottawa

Sunniva Geuer, Ottawa

Tom Naciuk, Ottawa

Sarah Macintyre, Orleans

Brianna Bourque, Ottawa

lukas eriksen, Ottawa

Elana Levitan, Chelsea

Kim, Ottawa

Nicole r , Carleton place

Adna Mohamed, Ottawa

Norma-Jean Armitage, OTTAWA

Kristine Kempster, Carp

Jamie Noonan, Ottawa

Rashmi Luther, Ottawa

Alain Major, Ottawa

Emma Bider, Ottawa

Karl Flecker, Kingston

Julia Miles, Ottawa

Gabriel Rivett-Carnac, Ottawa

Tracy Xie, Ottawa

Benjamin Woo, Ottawa

Eric Goodwin, Ottawa

Ellen Helker-Nygren        Gatineau

Joshua Ramisch Ottawa

Claudia Simoneau Berg  Ottawa

Courtney Valeyev           Carleton Place ON

Katherine Jubenville       Ottawa/Brockville

Mark Brill           Toronto

Jeff Mason         Ottawa (Ward 14)

Amy      Gatineau Quebec

fabienne            quebec,qc,canada

Greg Kelly          Vineland

Laura Daub        Ottawa

Christine Northan           Ottawa

Alessia Iani         Ottawa

Christine Tea     Ottawa

Johanna Zomers              Eganville

Shelly McConnery          Ottawa

Alice G  North york

Marrissa White Yellowknife

Pam Macdonald              Ottawa

Noha Beshir       Chelsea

Michelle             Ottawa

Jennifer Gibson Ottawa

Chantel Verner  Kanata

Victoria Patacairk           Ottawa

Rebecca Davidson           Ottawa

Aynsley Morris  Ottawa

Kirsty Morrison Otttawa

Joy Liu  Ottawa

Terri Hiebert      Kakabeka Falls

Micheline Beauchemin   Gatineau

Janelle Cahill     Ottawa

Brad Nixon         Ottawa

Candice Pouliotte           Navan

Ahmed Jaffer     Ottawa

Kyle Munoz        OTTAWA

Alexandra Karen Neustaedter     Ottawa

Ashley Wilson    Ottawa

Emily Patenaude             Ottawa

Alison Smedley  Somerset Ward, Ottawa

Samantha Clarke             Ottawa

Suzanne Hayman            Edmonton, AB

Virginie Tremblay           Montreal

Ethan Aspler      Gatineau

Mathieu Brule   Ottawa

Elizabeth McGoldrick     Ottawa

Melissa St. Germaine-Small         Wellandport

Janeen Fiedelleck            Ottawa

Katie Raso          Ottawa

Daniel Garzon    Ottawa

Gene Pascal       Ottawa

Kady Seguin       Ottawa

Jack Smith          Ottawa

Lisa Legari          Ottawa

Sébastien Beaudoin    Campbell\’s Bay

Raymond Wang Gloucester

Julie mckenzie   Osgoode

Krista Browne    Hamilton

Helene Dube      Alfred

Émélie Desrochers-Turgeon              Ottawa

Randy Innes       Ottawa


Julie Auclair       Vanier

Allie Campeau   Ottawa ON

Sarah Button     Ottawa

Judith Barrett    Ottawa

Michel Shamy    Ottawa

Susan Linton      Deep River

Brad Conley       Ottawa

Misty Saikaley   Ottawa

Matthew Behrens           Ottawa

Kaitlyn Budge    Almonte

Lara del Castillo Toronto

Tricia Eddy         Richmond

Sarah Green       Ottawa

Erin Burns          Ottawa

Roy Alexander   Ottawa, Ontario

Jazmin Bye         Ottawa

Eric Seifert         Wakefield, QC

Jamie L Ottawa

vince nogueira   ottawa

Laurie Wilson    Ottawa

Cassandre Marcelin        Ottawa

Rachel Dion       Gatineau

Kate Morrison   Ottawa

Becca Saunders Ottawa, ON

Lucien Rondeau              Egan-Sud

Carol Villeneuve              Ottawa

Elizabeth Katz    Ottawa

Kaleigh Maclaren            Ottawa

Nick McGregor  London

Caroline Sparling            Ottawa

Emma Gazaleh  Ottawa

Vivian Shaw       Ottawa

Megan Taylor    Georgetown

Nigel Vezeau      Ottawa

Renée Robichaud        Ottawa

Nadia Ingalls      Ottawa

Katie Balmer      Ottawa

Claire Dyason    Ottawa

Emma Wylie      Ottawa

Natasa Bolic       Ottawa

Anne     Ottawa

Anh-Thu Dang   Ottawa

Dana Lee            Ottawa

Carol Gage         Ottawa

Maureen Donnelly          Ottawa

Lisa Paterson     Ottawa

Elizabeth Malcolm          Ottawa

Nikkutai Folger  Ottawa

Pauline Ducharme          Ottawa

Brittany steedman          Ottawa

Sarah Hedges-Chou        Ottawa

Luca De Marinis Ottawa

Rachel   Ottawa

Timothy Willett Ottawa

Sydney Holmes  Ottawa

Chanelle Foisy   Ottawa

Stephanie Johnson         Ottawa

Samantha Ellis   Ottawa

Gordon Smith    Ottawa

Christie Byvelds Ottawa

Rita Flynn           Nepean, Ontario

Rachel Birnie     Ottawa

Tara da Costa    Ottawa, ON

Melissa Prosper              Ottawa

Perry Thompson              Nepean

Janet Hunter      Ottawa

Anne Maffre      Ottawa

Monica Chohan              Ottawa

Heather Smith   Hintonburg

Maureen Elizabeth Dickson         Ottawa

Alix balevi          Limoges

Nathalie Ritchot              Ottawa

Mary Peeling     Ottawa

Marion Mail       Ottawa

Sue Top              Ottawa

Christine Poirier              Gatineau

Diane Gordon    Ottawa

Ryan Short         Ottawa

Nataly Duarte    Ottawa

Patrick Denomme           Ottawa

John Felice Ceprano       Gatineau

Chantal MacDonald        Victoria

Keelin pringnitz Ottawa

Kelly Dubinsky    Ottawa

Elizabeth Schmidt  Ottawa

Mariam ElSahhar   Kanata

Genny Landreville  Wakefield

Kristy Bell            Guelph, Ontario

anne clarke         Ottawa

Lauren Stenason  Ottawa

Sam Nicholson   ottawa

Amanda d            Ottawa

Shannon              Ottawa

Kimberly Monette   Gatineau

Chantalle Couturier   Ottawa

Celeste Fung       Ottawa

Emily Turk           Ottawa

Nancy Green       St. Lambert

Sophie Holt         Ottawa

Trudie Kroon       Omemee

Anne Dance        Ottawa

Bruce William Bennett    Ottawa

Jennifer Bone     Jennifer

Dayle kline          Woodroffe North

Elly Ayling            Ottawa

Sharon Angel      Gatineau

Rupa Jolly            Ottawa

Saleem     Ottawa

Nadeea Rahim   Ottawa

Bethany Price     Ottawa

Kate Cathrae      3 Bayside

Tim Bouma         Ottawa

Katy Wright         Ottawa

Emily G.               Ottawa

Sandra Oey         Ottawa

Lauren Watson  Ottawa

Frances O\’Malley            Ottawa

Alexandra Ponton-Fraser  Gatineau

Ashlyn   Orleans

Rizzi Balestra      Ottawa

Montana Gibson Mountain

Kendra Guidolin   Ottawa

Richard Cooke    Ottawa

Ana Walker         Ottawa

Michele LeMay  Ottawa

Gabby Belyea     Ottawa

Mags Gaulden    Ottawa

Kim Sabourin      Ottawa

Tim Mcsorley      Ottawa

Brigitte Beauchemin        Gatineau, Quebec

Rebecka Ouellette            Ottawa

Victoria Tsonos  Ottawa

Rachael Moir      Ottawa

Isabelle Skalski   Ottawa

Kate MacDonald               Ottawa

Daphne Guerrero              Ottawa

Nicole Boucher  Gatineau

Kate       Ottawa

Marie-Catherine Cyr        Gatineau

Josh van de walker           Gatineau

Samantha Lapierre           Ottawa

Sarah Pritchard   Almonte

Alexandra Cooper  Ottawa

Diane C Osborne  Thurso

Mike Yeates        Ottawa

Sarah Monahan   Ottawa

Gail Stup              St Catharines

Yvonne Holland  Nepean

Linda Sidoli          Orleans

Carmen Victor    Tkaronto

Raven Pozsgai    Ottawa

Matt pinder         Ottawa

Magdalena Kupferschmidt  Sarsfield

Kevin Meldrum   Ottawa

Yannick Alie   Montréal

Richard Fitzpatrick Stratford

Karin Frederking  Ottawa

Eric F Despres     Gatineau

Bamidele Kojo-McSorley  Ottawa

Kathleen Wilker Ottawa

Julia Faulkner      Ottawa

Nancy Pea           Ottawa

Jennifer Couture               Gatineau

Kevin O\’donnell               Ottawa

Burgundy Morgan            Ottawa

Deirdre Moore   Ottawa

Paula Eyzaguirre  Ottawa

Laurie Ethier       Westmeath

Fereha Sherefa   Ottawa

Hanan Awell       Ottawa

Derek Brousseau   Ottawa

Sharen Craig  Plantagenet

Christine Haladay  Oakville

Wilma Long  Greely

Dasha Gueletina  Vanier

Eric Beaulieu       Etobicoke

Mikayla McGuire   Carleton place

Caroline Kayll  Ottawa

Karen Kelly  Toronto

Gustavo Hannecke   Ottawa

Marcos Parrado   Cochrane

Sarah MacDonald  Ottawa

Scott Samuel James Young  Renfrew

Adrienne Levett  Ottawa

Oolooci Taukie   Ottawa

Marisa Gallemit Ottawa

Denise Dowdy    Victoria

Jeff Chisholm      Tofino

Chelsey-Lynn Rousselle   Ottawa

Xue Xu   Ottawa

Sophie Barrette  Ottawa

Karen Secord      Ottawa

Kimberly              Toronto

Danielle Brouillette          Ottawa

Jessie Scace        Unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabe people

David Armengau               Ottawa

Meredith O’Connor   Ottawa

Dan Ross             Pembroke, ON

Geoffrey Jackson  Ottawa

Ashley Pineault   Ottawa

Irena Knezevic    old Ottawa east

Marie-Claude Charland   Val-des-Monts QC

Lesley Howse     Perth

Allison Walters   Calgary

Kahlan Jackson-Beek       Ottawa

Elske de Visch Eybergen  Burlington

Jessica Faulkner                Ottawa

Mitchell Hahn     Ottawa

Emily Scott          Ottawa

Cynthia Z             Ottawa

Adam     Ottawa

Vicky      Orleans, Ottawa

Safia Haiboub     Ottawa

Thomas Burn      Ottawa

Audrey Moey      Ottawa

Luke Baker          Ottawa

Niroop Sinha       Ottawa

Juline Taller         Ottawa

Emily Hartman   Ottawa

Michael Lloyd     STITTSVILLE

Deborah Bolton Ottawa

Vanessa Lloyd    Ottawa

Carol Proulx        Ottawa

Bryn Besse          Regina

Robert Allan        Ottawa

Erin Hogan          Dorval

Sarah Rathwell   Mechanicsville, Ottawa

Christine Rybak  Bristol

Lindsay Lemon   Ottawa

Louella Vincent  Surrey

Taryn Montgomery          Calgary

Natasha Baird    Ottawa

Christine Nadori Ottawa

susan breeze       elkford

Greg Forman      Ottawa’

Marc-André Blais          Ottawa

Mariamova Ekaterina      Ottawa

Vaalea Darkke    Victoria

David Charles     Ottawa

Alasdrìona Baron          Lunnainn

Allison MacFadden           Ottawa

Carlos Fuentes Lara         Ottawa

Margaret Wilkie Ottawa

Tovey Blake        Mississauga

Reine Desrosiers  Orleans

Veronica Windsor  Nepean

Raewyn Khosla   Ottawa

Amanda Lawson Chelsea, Quebec

Mary Cavanagh  Ottawa

Amanda Parker  Grande-Digue

Michel Carrier    Ottawa

Reign Medalla    Ottawa

Kalli Foster          Orleans

Ellyn Duke Watson Dunsford

Sean MacLeod   Ottawa

Emma Kerr          Ottawa

Sophie Brett        Ottawa

Eric Snyder          Ottawa

Victoria Murray  Ottawa

Erika Laffey         Ottawa

Surraya Aziz        Ottawa

Diana Hynes        Ottawa

Alejandro Salgado Cendales Ottawa

Mark Mysak Ottawa

Kailey Harris Wardell Ottawa

Jesse Hastie Ottawa

Alexandre Brunet Ottawa

Frances Boyle     Ottawa

Jacob Touchette Hanmer, Ontario

Jodie Vanasse     Ottawa

Sierra Duffey Centretown Ottawa

William Cooper  Ottawa

Sal Al     Ottawa

Reuben Roth       Oshawa

Kelly Neall           Ottawa

Georgia Frost     Ottawa

Lia Ferguson       Ottawa

Gloria, Ottawa

Sean Rios  Moncton

Terry Beach  Ottawa

Rhys Boswarva   Ottawa

Sarah Hurcomb  Ottawa

Morgane Armstrong        Ottawa

Alison Rutherford             Ottawa

Tricia May  Ottawa

Sarah Heidinga   Ottawa

tabbatha malouin  Gloucester

David Hare  Ottawa

Natalie Barcellos   Ottawa

Michelle Goodison   Ottawa

Tobi McCoy  Ottawa

Shaugn Coggins  Edmonton

Rebecca Noeline McCarthy  Gatineau

Colleen MacMillan  Almonte

Sarah Harney      Ottawa

Terry Tucker       Ottawa

Gordon Johnstone   Kincardine

Lynda Lemberg  Toronto

Bailey Selig          Halifax

Michael Cozens     London

Stephanie Platero  Ottawa

Darby Babin        Ottawa

Craig Elford         Nepean

Kimberly Labonte

Eleanor Cowan  Montreal

Alyce Willcourt   Ottawa

Diane Filippov     Wellington

Colleen Prince    Wakefield

Arpita Dar, Toronto

Mackenzie Cielen-Gough, Ottawa

Erica Hewson     Ottawa

Diana Cave, Ottawa

Daniel Allard, Ottawa

Alison Reid, Ottawa

Marine Armstrong, Ottawa

Joe Eastham, Ottawa

Dayna Brez, Ottawa

Blair Rutherford                , Ottawa

Stephen Campbell , Ottawa, Carleton university

Kristen Kowlessar, Ottawa, ON

Megan Muller, Gatineau, Carleton university

Robbie Nellis, Orleans

Carly Stallwood , Ottawa  

Tracey Wright, Ashton

Aya Yassin, Ottawa

Jennifer Roussel, Ottawa, Ontario

Freya snow, Nepean

Naomi Kronen, Ottawa

Rachel Jobson, Ottawa, Ontario

Amira Galib, Ottawa

libby Derikozis, Ottawa

Alex Does, Ottawa

Nadine,                Nepean/bayshore

Charles Paradis,                Ottawa

Joanne Roulston , Ottawa

Katherine Davidson, Ottawa

Katherine Deanna Ewen               , Ottawa

Kim Green, Ottawa

Silvi Goeltenbott, Ottawa

Nadine Atallah  Ottawa

Sanjit Pushpaseelan       Toronto

Sophie Crump   Ottawa

Lucas Logé      Laval

Grace Evers        Ottawa

Jonathan E. Carlson         Ottawa

Samiha Rayeda Ottawa

Gabrielle Antaya              Ottawa

Emma Mitchell  Ottawa

Jen Pylypa, Ottawa, Carleton University

Derek McKinley                Wakefield, Quebec         Sing Song Party Time Productions

Sophie Pellerin  Ottawa

Christian Maristela          Orleans

Anna Chen          Ottawa

Alexandra Plante             Orleans

Erica Paradis       Ottawa, ON

Dee Jones           L\’Orignal, ON

Andy Harrison   Perth

Monida Eang      Ottawa

Kelly Fritsch        Ottawa

Alberto Souza, Ottawa

Michayla Metail                , Nepean

Becca Logan       Nepean

Alex Hoferek     Ottawa

Tina Stott             Ottawa

Leigh Bain            Ottawa

Lindsay Edwards               Ottawa

Jackie Dwyer      Ottawa

Meghan Bain     Ottawa

Germain Couet,                Gatineau

Brent Smith        Ottawa

Kit Murley           Ottawa, ON       

Christine Rankin               Chelsea, Quebec             

Nora Ottenhof  Kingston             

Ina Y Zeng           Ottawa

Isabel McMurray              Ottawa

Lee Pepper         Ottawa

Lynda Heyden, Ottawa, Lynda Heyden-Carroll

Beth Schilling     Perth    

Cynthia  Wolfgram           Wilno   

Sharlini Yogasingam        Nepean               

Rachel Burke      Mississauga, ON              

Danielle Dinovelli-Lang  Gatineau, QC ,  Carleton University

Elizabeth Venczel             Ottawa CPEP

Ash-Lee Hommy              Ottawa, ON       

Deanna Bogaski,  Ottawa, Carleton university

Alvaro Vargas    Ottawa

Nicole Brandt     Gatineau            

Kaki Chan            Ottawa

Carolyn, Ottawa                              

Elena Sorak         Toronto                               

Eileen Warrren  GLACE BAY                         

Ashley Reaume                Ottawa                

Julia Draper        Ottawa                

Meghan Mclaren             Ottawa                

Marika Tymchuk, Ottawa                            

Tina Gentile        Gatineau                            

Veronica Vicencio, Ottawa, Carleton University

Madeleine Ewins             Toronto                               

Naha Abdo, Ottawa, Carleton University              

Matthew Hawkins, Ottawa, Carleton University               

Kendra Hughes Ottawa                

Trisha Booth       Gatineau                            

Noelle Lindgren                Ottawa                

Lija Bickis             Ottawa                

Rebecca Whitford            London, ON                       

Colin Robert Sutherland, Ottawa             

                Catherine Boivin               Vanier  

Hannah-Lyn Comilang-CostalesOttawa

keeley durocher               Stittsville             

Amanda Mullins               Edmonton          

Danika King         Ottawa

Sophie  Toronto               

Jennifer Provencher       Ottawa

Karen Nimegeers             Burnaby              

Jacob  Mitchell  Ottawa

Laurie Morrison                Ottawa                

Cayley Fortier    Ottawa

Jennifer Tingley                Montague Township     

Laura Duff           Ottawa

Patrick Ennis       Ottawa

Nicola Hibbard    

Guy Lalonde       Ottawa

Angella MacEwen, Ottawa, Canadian Union of Public Employees

Alessandro Busa               Ottawa

Warren McBride               Ottawa

Julie Lopez          Ottawa

Kelly Davies        Ottawa

Meghan Walsh  Ottawa

Sarp Kizir              Ottawa

Katie McConnell               Ottawa

Robert Tremayne            Ottawa

Janine Denis       Ottawa

Abigail McLeod, Kingston

 Lorena Rodriguez, Ottawa

Morrell Andrews, Ottawa

Lindsay Snow, Ottawa

Abigail Morris, Ottawa

Meysoon Amin, Niagara Falls, Carleton University

Alec Boudreau, Ottawa

Mikaela Smith, Orleans

Kat Kennedy, Kingston

Madison Lachance, Ottawa

Annie Nguyen, Ottawa

Andrea Ross       Ottawa

Dipto Sarkar, Ottawa      Carleton University

Tanya Nash         Ottawa

Paula Sweeney fletcher      Ottawa

Roger    Nepean

Lucie      Ottawa

Suzanne Kennedy    Eganville

Mihiri Perera      Ottawa

Chris Oster          Ottawa

Emily O’Connor Ottawa

Chloe Pilon         Ottawa

Alex Wood          Ottawa

Katherine McNab            Ottawa

Sylvester Obichie             Ottawa Centretown

Brian Champ      Toronto

Jacqueline Bruff               Ottawa

Colleen Kavanagh            Ottawa

Ward Verschaeve            Ottawa

Allan Gordon     Ottawa

Chantal Fortin    Ottawa

Abigail Tibbles   Ottawa

Grace Martin     Ottawa

Val McIntyre      Ottawa

Amy Schroeder Ottawa

Ezra Lipton          Ottawa

Stephanie Morris             OTTAWA

Charlotte Forbes               Montreal

Jon Lewis             Ottawa

Adeline Jerome, Ottawa

Mike Barbeau    Ottawa

Isabelle Webber               Mississauga

Pete Webster    Ottawa

Sean Wilson       Ottawa

Amy Eanga          Ottawa

Taylor Warrington            Ottawa

Martine Beauchemin     Gatineau

Serene Kabir      Ottawa, Ontario              

Emily Farmer      Ottawa

Martina LandryOttawa

Amanda Newell  Ottawa              

Yao Qin         Gatineau            

Christy Ferguson              Ottawa

Graeme Peto     Toronto

Pierre Bourgeois      Ottawa                

Maya Mehta      Ottawa                                

Andrew Bacque   Ottawa                

Liette Connolly-Boutin   Ottawa                

Scott Paterson  Ottawa                                

Emily Lynch         Stittsville                             

Tom Jackson      Ottawa                

Sarah Sloan         Ottawa       

Neil Soiseth        Ottawa

Ana Martinez     Ottawa                

Sidney A              Ottawa

Susan Pettinger                Ottawa

Matthew Stella Ottawa

Rachel Horsley  ottawa 

Sydney Gen       Ottawa

Jennifer Bionda                Ottawa

Amanda Cox      Ottawa

Mary Roufail      Ottawa

Caroline Vanderloo         Ottawa                

Daianna Williams              Toronto               

Ron Levine          Ottawa             

Zoe Mallett         Ottawa

Judy Levine        Ottawa              

Madeleine Marie Faucher            Gloucester         

Shawn Smith      Ottawa

Cat Meier            Ottawa       

Naomi Drevland    Ottawa

Maya Semenoff   Ottawa              

Alex Korchinski-Pye        Gatineau            

Friskjen van Veldhoven,    Ottawa, Ontario, Carleton University     

Lorraine McNeil   London

Saamia Ahmad, Kingston, Ontario           

Alex Dearham   Gatineau            

Alison Krahm     Vancouver         

Allison Miller      LaSalle, Ontario

Val          Ottawa

Tige Procyshyn, Calgary

Mounissa Moussa , Ottawa

Caitlin B, Ottawa

Rachel Kashul, Ottawa

Rae Jackson, Ottawa

Susan Woodley, Almonte

Kyra Devonish, Ottawa

Moira Duncan, Ottawa

Evan Haydon-Selkirk, Ottawa

Ronald Temchuk, Gatineau, Quebec

Thy Dao                Ottawa

Molly Aylwin      Barrie

Madison Hitchcock          Ottawa

Eileen Young      Ottawa

Stephanie Lebasque       Ottawa

Emily Howe        Ottawa

Kate Jex               Ottawa

Rachel Sheehan, OTTAWA

Katie Muise        Ottawa

Riek van den Berg            Ottawa

Tamara Tardif    Ottawa

Allison Hodgson, Nelson, BC

Susan Roston     Ottawa

Stella McTaggart               Ottawa

Drew Taylor        Vankleek Hill

Dessa Bayrock   Ottawa, ON

Sarah Eastwood                Ottawa

Deborah Young Ottawa

Michael Abramowitz Ottawa

Simon Haisz        Ottawa

Peter Schamerhorn        Ottawa

Amos Hayes       Ottawa

Hunter Thompson           Ottawa

Shay K   Ottawa

Gillian Scobie     Ottawa

Felicia Dionme   Ottawa, ON

Meghan read     Ottawa

Claudia Gaudreault         Ottawa

Lauren Cavanagh             Ottawa

Janet Thompson              Ottawa

Ioanna Sahas Martin       Ottawa

Robbie Venis     Ottawa

Leah Smith          Ottawa

Judy Filipkowski                , Ottawa

Madeline Turriff               Ottawa

Sydney Groen   Ottawa

Sebastien Carrier             Gatineau

Savannah Logan               North York

bailey gauthier  ottawa

Danika Cloutier Ottawa

Laura McLeod    Ottawa

Ena Cimic             Ottawa

Keely Martin      Ottawa

Zoe Bordeleau-Cass        Ottawa

Lauren Dodds    Ottawa

Emily F  Ottawa

Emily Ficner        Ottawa

Kan Singh            Ottawa

madelaine rouleau          Terrebonne       

Gail Reid              Ottawa

Malini Guha, Ottawa, Carleton University

Danielle Wilson Kanata 

Emily Thompson   Gatineau            

Danielle Pham   Ottawa

Kassidy Guy        Saskatoon, SK   

William Flynn, Ottawa,   Carleton University

Saad      Ottawa

Anna Gallant      Coquitlam          

Shelly Whissel   Rockland             

Nancy McKnight               Ottawa

Ariella Borsuk    Ottawa

Ashley Kelechi Udechukw u        Ottawa

Mikhail Veller    Gatineau

Rob Shudra         Ottawa

AJ Dolman           Ottawa

Maria Acuna       Ottawa

Daniella Akat      Ottawa

Leah Van Loon  Calgary

Chris Camfield   Toronto               

Eliza von Baeyer     Ottawa

Sean Fletcher    Ottawa

Marc      Ottawa

Annie Cloutier   Montréal       

Teghan Shooter    Ottawa

Bianca Raby        Gatineau            

Kwaysee Ohtu  Ottawa, South Ottawa Radio

Christina Graham             Ottawa

Jessica Boateng                Ottawa

Somayyeh Montazer      Ottawa

Mark Slodki        Ottawa

Caroline Johnson             Ottawa

Emma Lui             Alcove 

Delphine Carr    Ottawa

Karine Habboub      Ottawa

Liz MacDonell    Ottawa

Andre Turbide   Gatineau

Vicki       Ottawa

Kimberly Callard               Kanata 

Benoit Nathalie GATINEAU         

Kayleigh Angrove             Ottawa

Benyamin Rumi                ottawa

Noah Reinoso    Ottawa

Victoria Fogarty                Greely 

Stephanie Simard            Ottawa, ON       

kayren Lockey   Ottawa

Ren Fabbro         Ottawa

Robert Mutrie   Orleans

Kia Goutte          Ottawa

Crystal Ringrose    Essex County, Ontario

Hanna Leedy      Gloucester

Willi Johnston    Ottawa, Ontario

Alixe Menard     Ottawa

Joellyn Lamont  Orleans               

Connie Patterson             Nepean               

Darcy Gillespie  Ottawa

Anabelle Tardif-Samson     Kingston             

James Brunton  Calgary,                

Alaina Cyr            Toronto               

Sarah Bentley    Cantley, Quebec             

Tariq Anwar        Ottawa

Shareefah Lubega           Gatineau            

trish lynch           toronto               

Melissa Britney Nepean               

Sava Saheli Singh, Ottawa

Barbara Schreiner-Trudel    Scarborough, ON      Unity Church of Agape

Andrew Collicott    Ottawa Federal Government

Danielle Varga   Ottawa

Sophia Barkhouse Ottawa

Marieve Soares  Orleans

Joanne Martel    Gatineau

Katerina Bondarchuk       Ottawa

Luc Pomerleau   Ottawa

Michelle Smith   North York

Hannah Walt      Ottawa

Jody Saurette     Ottawa

Geraldine Escofet Chelsea

Travis Nicholson Vanier

Rachel Levine Katz  Ottawa

Lynn Jones          Ottawa

Saul Bottcher      Brampton

Jan Teevan          Ottawa

Nika Hrazburg    Ottawa

Chris Wu              Ottawa

Caroline Pan       Gatineau

Moira    Ottawa

Yamam Alsaadi  Ottawa

Guy Laurin Gatineau

Kareem Sadiq     Ottawa

Mikaela Kennedy OTTAWA

Nima Hussein     Ottawa

Jean Dixon          North York

Laura Kalab         Ottawa

Ann Kerr               Belleville

Anne gunner       Ottawa

Mary Gunner      Ottawa

Jo Wood Ottawa

Charlotte Gilmore Almonte

Michael Ostroff ottawa

Stephanie kerr    Ottawa

Sean Currie Ottawa


David Fraser        Ottawa

Julia Wong          Ottawa

Niki DiVito           Ottawa

Eric Hobson        Ottawa

Rebecca McTigue             Ottawa

Dorine Rayes      Kanata

Gillian earl           Gatineau

Pauline Byrne     Ottawa

David Messier     Ottawa

Joan Johnson      Ottawa

Chelsea Berry     Ottawa

Rebecca McCormick        Ottawa

Naomi Amaris Harper      Kanata, Ottawa

Yuanyi Song        Ottawa

Tim Fenton          Ottawa


Julie Hodson       Ottawa

Nina newman     Ottawa

Marcia George   Ottawa

Mireille Brownhill Ottawa

Francis Steed      Ottawa

Dave Sanderson  Carleton Place, ON

Antonia Anna Durie Ottawa

Jérôme Gédéon   Gatineau, Québec

Greta Burry Ottawa

S Sarwar Ottawa

Dany Bisaillon Gatineau

J Smith  Former Ottawa

Genevieve Johnston Russell

Jill Morningstar  Ottawa

Samantha Ponting Toronto

Roger Lunman    Ottawa

Patricia Reynolds Ottawa, ON

Suzanne Gregoire Ottawa

Liz Manse

Marjorie George Ottawa

Andrea sprague  Perth

Kelsy Agnew-Donally Ottawa

Leah Morris        Ottawa

A H Harry Oussoren          Ottawa

Kringen Henein   Ottawa

Nancy Boudrias  Ottawa

Elana Rogoff      Ottawa

Cathy Maclean   Ottawa

Taylor Park          Ottawa

zoe mcknight      Ottawa

Alyssa O\’Dell     Ottawa

Kasper Hamilton Ottawa

gary Peters          toronto

Ann Kerr               Belleville

Tina Dan              Ottawa

Michaela Konken Vancouver

Madi Tuck Manotick

Aoife McGrory   Ottawa

Adele Gosselin    Gatineau

Myriam Legault-Beauregard  Gatineau

Mike Waddington  Ottawa

Rachel   Montreal

Michele Pedneault  Senneterre P.Q.

Elizabeth Cochrane          Ottawa

Tate Holm           Ottawa

Kate Svazas         Chelsea QC

Olivia Kennedy   Barrie

Nik         Ottawa

Anna Maranta    Ottawa

Anne Bourdeau  Gatineau

Cécile Lecoq   Gatineau

Stephanie Ochej Ottawa

Margaret Howman Ottawa

Roni Powell         Ottawa

Sarah Dalton       Ottawa

Patricia Hacke    Sherwood Park, Alberta

Sarah Bond         Ottawa

Helen Mina         Milton ON

Allison jonassen  Ottawa

Nicole Gagnon   Kanata

Vanessa Halfhide              Ottawa

John Wishart      Ottawa Ontario

Joakim de Hoog Ottawa

Emily Kells Victoria, BC

Sharon Hine Ottawa

Brendan Hiat Ottawa

Paul Holroyd Ottawa

Miriam Abdalla   Ottawa

Alexander Thistlewood   Ottawa

Trevor Myles Gatineau

Mela Warburton Ottawa

Alison Lacasse    Ottawa

Sabrina Ottawa

Melissa Gerrard Ottawa

Yavhel Velazquez, Victoria

Katherine Cyr Ottawa

An Wong Ottawa

Deborah G. Headley RSW, CYCP  Scarborough

Mark Blans          Toronto

Denis Bernard     Gatineau

Mary-Louise Blair Manotick, ON

Nick Paquin         Ottawa

L.A. Paveling       Ottawa

Melissa McCauley            Ottawa

Melanie Clarke   Ottawa

Sascha Wionzek Kanata

Stephen Kennedy              Barrie, Ontario

Sadaf Esparghamy            Ottawa

Alexie Arsenault Ottawa

Louise Pedneault              Gatineau

Yeti Mallavi         Gatineau

Robert J Dunn     Ottawa

Shyam Patel        Montreal

Joshua Chmielewski         OTTAWA

Laura Tucker       Ottawa

Ariane Duchesne Gacionis             Ottawa

Taylor Whiteman              Ottawa

Kenneth McGrath             Ottawa

Peter Skanes       Toronto

Benjamin Larkin Ottawa

Isabelle St-Cyr    Gatineau

Genevieve Paris Ottawa

Chris Johnson     Ottawa

Hannah Cameron             Mi’kma’ki

Marc Seguin        Ottawa

Amanda Kristalovich        Ottawa

Rishma mangat  Greater Toronto Area

Bonnie Penfold Ottawa

Sandra Bauer      Ottawa, Ontario

Alexis White        Ottawa

Patrick Lajeunesse            Ottawa

Elenore Marguerite Ferguson       Ottawa

Bruce Blackman,               Kanata

Christine Camaso             Ottawa

Sharon Blackman              Kanata

Mallory Moyer Richard   Ottawa

Neil Barratt         Ottawa

Zach Sommers    Toronto

Adrienne Barrett Hofman              Waterloo

Catherine Prystupa-Maule             Ottawa

Mitchell Bundy   Montreal

Adrienne Barrett Hofman Waterloo

Tess Johnston     Ottawa

Keith Jeremy Chamberlain             Ottawa

Nogah Kornberg Toronto

Mouna Darar      Ottawa

Melinda Wells    Ottawa

Jenn Luedey        Wakefield

Jodi Green           Windsor, ON

Andrew Church  Ottawa

Elizabeth Thrasher            Ottawa

Sylvie Desrochers             Gatineau

Sara lee                Ottawa

Christine Ferguson           Pefferlaw

Catherine Trounce Ottawa

Michelle Ward    Ottawa

Susan Holmes     Ottawa

Caitlyne Brewer Ottawa

Lisa Wright          Ottawa

Elisabeth von Moos         Ottawa

Napatsie Lucassie             Nepean

Cathy Wright      Kanata

Kelly James         Ottawa

Lucie Drouin       Ottawa

Colin Guillas        Ottawa

Gabriel-David Breiding    Orleans

Chandra Pasma  Ottawa

Leah Gibson        Ottawa

Heather Dufault  Ottawa

Denis Pelletier    Gatineau

Andréa Brabant Ottawa

Chris Johnson     Arnprior

Diane Sullivan     Ottawa

Gabriella Richards Ottawa

Ranya Sherif       Ottawa

Kaleb Stropkovics Ottawa

Roman Bina        Gatineau

Julie Zhang          Ottawa

Marielle Quinton Ottawa

Lisa P     Ottawa


Angela Thompson-Fortin Ashton

Rob Myrah          Ottawa

Christine Colverson          OTTAWA

Enrica Capuano    Ottawa

Andrew Kawam      Ottawa

Alain Dumontier   Gatineau, QC

Julian Hall            Ottawa

Janice Yemensky Ottawa

Nathalie Harris   Ottawa

Patrick Harris      Ottawa

Mira Celeste       Kitchener

Caitlin Thomson Ottawa

Simon Harris       Ottawa

Anne-Marie McElroy Ottawa

Esther Laroche   Cowansville

Oreeda khan       Ottawa

Sylvain Gagnon  Gatineau

Zann M. Wasiljov Maryland

Megan Carkner  Ottawa

Nadine Martel    Ottawa

April Smith           Perth Ont

Valerie L   Gatineau

Catherine Hodgins            Ottawa

Liz McAuley         Ottawa

Guy Boussedraia  Cowansville

Holly Craib          Ottawa

Hannah                Ottawa

Natsumi Gagne Ottawa

Kade      Gatineau

Lise Sanderson   Carleton Place ON

Joanne Foster-Komendat Perth

TJM        Chelsea

Philippe Francisque          Gatineau

Erin J Gilchrist     VANCOUVER

Rebecca McArthur Brockville

Laura Horak        Ottawa

Emily York           Ottawa

Ashley Wunsch   Ottawa

Sarah Wright      Ottawa

Michelle Martin  Ottawa

Carter McCulloch  Sandy Hill – Ottawa

Jessica   Gatineau

Andrew Stead     Ottawa ON

Laura Smith         Ottawa

Dominique Graveline       Ottawa

Cindy Wolfe        Ottawa

Renuka Bauri      Ottawa, Westboro

Emily Biggar        Ottawa

Stephanie Mayville Ottawa

T Gallichon          Ottawa

Alyssa Brown      Ottawa – Hintonburg

Erik Miksik Ottawa, Westboro

Brenda Watkins Ottawa

Nicole Degready  GATINEAU

Barb O’Connor Ottawa

Michelle Campbell Ottawa

Daniel Joy-Clark                Ottawa

Deborah Smith   Gatineau

Megan Aubin     

Tom Conway      Ottawa

Jennifer Simpson              Ottawa

Anna Du vent      Ottawa

Daniel Habarurema          Gatineau

Nancy Lawand   Ottawa

Michelle Davidson            Ottawa

Nicole Owens     Ottawa

Janice    Ottawa

Connor Laidler   Ottawa

Matt Sobb           Ottawa

Jeannie Mongrain             Carleton Place

Pascale Dumond-Blais     Ottawa

Laura Leonard    Ottawa  

Eric Macfarlane Ottawa

Rachel Besharah Ottawa

Nadia Gervais     Gatineau

Marieke Westeinde          chelsea

Werner Disselkamp          Ottawa

Teresa Maletta  Ottawa

Tracey Whitman               Ottawa

Michelle Holroyd              Ottawa

Jennifer Compagnon       Ottawa

Camil Rivest        Cantley

André  Phaneuf             Gatineau

Madison              Ottawa

Lucienne  Choquette        Gatineau

Sylvie Okros        Ottawa

Amanda Towsley              Gatineau

Renee Bourgeois              Ottawa

Jennifer Russell  Ottawa

G VanAmburg     Ottawa

Lynda Boonstra  Gatineau

Pascalyne kabongo          Ottawa

Mark Mongrain  Carleton Place


Martha C. Scott   Ottawa

Michelle Caron   Ottawa

Suzie Gareau       Ottawa

Noa B    Ottawa, ON

Jean-Luc Garneau Gatineau

Annika Junek       Nepean, Ontario

Ron Oliver           Richmond ON

Gilbert Holdrinet Gatineau Quebec

Debra Kennette  Crysler, ON

Lisa Jackson        Ottawa

Caroline Boudreau           Gatineau

Simmi Mangat    Ottawa

Nathalie Martel  Ottawa

Anne Bourdeau Gatineau

Robert Perrault  Gatineau

Lauren Kreps       Ottawa

Sara Bruce           Ottawa

Melanie Wilson  Ottawa

Gemma Marr      Ottawa

Catherine Hole   Ottawa

Elska Malek         Ottawa

Lisa Brooks         Orleans

Christiane Raymond         Terrebonne QC

Peter Brown       Arnprior

Rachel Burdick   Ottawa

Karina Manzur    Ottawa

S J           London

Sarah Oswald     Ottawa

Jacques Jolicoeur Ottawa, ON

Megan Simon     Ottawa

Elizabeth Scherf  Ottawa

joyce bouthiette Ottawa ON

Sylvain Cregheur Gatineau

Julie Peressini     Gatineau

Victoria Stewart  Ottawa

Faith Buckley      Waterloo

Sarah Taylor       Ottawa

Anna Kollenberg Ottawa

Aryan Bajpai       Ottawa

Alison Kerfoot    Ottawa

Hubert Villeneuve             Ottawa

Alex Xavier          Ottawa

Isabel Sebastiao Ottawa

Sonia Wojciechowska     Ottawa

Myles R Stepchuk Nepean

Joan Howe          Ottawa

Immanuel Lanzaderas     Ottawa

Karim Baraka      Ottawa

Marie-Jules Morris Bourgouin      Gatineau

Omar nammassi Gatineau

Christine Smith   Ottawa

Jennifer Tran      Ottawa

Annika Grossman              Ottawa

Judith Hilliker      Ottawa

Melanie Willis     Ottawa

Shannon Hamilton Ottawa

Rachel Hill           Ottawa

Maryanne            Ottawa

Cedrick Forget    Edmonton

Amber Alward    Ottawa

Karen Vallevand                Gatineau

Nigel Holdrinet   Ottawa

Pierre St-Amant Gatineau

Sima Kuhail         Guelph

Nicole Du Bois   

Roxanne Chartrand-Mindel Ottawa

Kathleen Nasr     Ottawa

Emily H Ottawa

Carol Miksik        Kanata

Nigel Holdrinet   Ottawa

Prairie Beath       Ottawa

Cassidy Street     Ottawa

Nelly Nga            Gatineau

Suzane Tremblay              Gatineau

Nathalie Godard               Ottawa

Cassandra Tilson               Ottawa

Karen Tremblay  Gatineau

Rachel Buxton    Ottawa

Jenna Rintoul      Ottawa

Donna Anderson               Cantley

Bernard Bilodeau              Cantley

Robyn Brehaut   Gatineau

Joseph Miksik     Ottawa

Victoria Nolte     Ottawa

Amy Demers       Ottawa

Nora Francis       Ottawa

Anjali Wildgen    Ottawa

Stephanie Miksik               Ottawa

Dan Hughes        North Cowichan, BC

Josée Duchesne            Ottawa

Alexandra Timotheou      Ottawa

Amy Fung            Ottawa

Michael Hay.

Gregory Joe        Ottawa

Rusaba Alam       Ottawa

Nour Elmestekawy           Ottawa

Kaitie Sauve        Ottawa

Michelle Hong    Sandy Hill, ON

Fiona Schreiter   Ottawa

Rosie Bleyer        Ottawa

Kennedy Craig    Ottawa

Theo Young        Ottawa

Mackenzie Danner           Ottawa

Sanduni liyanage               Ottawa

Clair Elie              Ottawa

Carrie Keeling     Cumberland

Kayla Grey           Ottawa

Rami Flefel          Ottawa

Maurice Glaude Vanier

Rana Abughannam           Ottawa

Jennifer Kennedy              Barrie, Ontario

Ashvent Malik     Ottawa

Sophie Lamothe Gatineau

Jessey Almeida   Ottawa

Yvonne Tabi        Ottawa

Tatiana Rother   Ottawa

Catherine Clermont         Ottawa

LC Buckingham  Ottawa

Jenn carter          Ottawa

Christy Takahashi             Ottawa

Shannon Demers              Ottawa

Adam Fogo         Nepean

Andrea Pham      Ottawa

Emily Harris         Ottawa

Cynthia Schreiber             Gatineau

Arabella Gray      Abbotsford

Émilie Ottawa

Ellen Kammermayer         Mechanicsville

Sarah Williams   Toronto

Emily St-Aubin    Ottawa

Brontë Renwick-Shields Whitehorse

Natasha Paquette Carleton Place

Elly Laberge        Gatineau

Garret Ulrich       Orleans

Steven Ogilvie    Ottawa

William Tate       Ottawa

Jerome Levesque  Ottawa

Steven Ogilvie    Ottawa

Anas Eid               London Ontario

marina lopez       ottawa

Ella Fossum         Ottawa

Mohamed Gahelrasoul    Ottawa

Alison Gregory   Ottawa

Ria Heynen          Ottawa

Huda Ktabi          Ottawa

Toby      Ottawa

Olivia Thomsen  Ottawa

Deborah McNutt Gatineau

Rosey    Ottawa

Joseph Flynn       Ottawa

Isaac Edmonds   Ottawa

Sarah Swan         WAKEFIELD

Kennedy Snaith  Toronto

Marc Marion      Ottawa

Jennifer Fijalkowska         Ottawa

Christine Landry Gatineau

Katie Russell       Ottawa

Carole Aylwin     Gatineau

Hayley Gooding Ottawa

Shelley Rivier      Ottawa

Charles Herriot   Markham

Maarten van Grootel       Ottawa

Eric Archambault              Ottawa

Angela Sirnick     Ottawa

Janne Cleveland Ottawa

Karin Jordan        Ottawa

Zoë dasilva       ottawa

Kassandra Planiden Ottawa

Zindzi Makinde   Ottawa

Kevin Partridge   Ottawa

François Létourneau  Ottawa

Rosaly Welsh      Ottawa

Steven David Latino         Ottawa

Martha Wiebe    Ottawa

Hannah Ivanoff  Ottawa

Caroline Meloche Gatineau

Trevor Haché  Ottawa

Sheridan Lachapelle         Kanata

Ian         Ottawa

Karen Beaton     Ottawa

Larianne              Ottawa

Rebecca Naylor London

Robert Fox          Ottawa

Isabella Turco     Ottawa

Isabelle Leclerc  Montréal

Micheline Leduc  Gatineau

Vivian Liu             Ottawa

Anthony Sauve   Orillia

Kealie    Cayuga

Lindsay MacInnis  Ottawa

Sarah Daviau      Ottawa

Catherine Poirier  Ottawa

Julia Palmer        Ottawa

Rachel Stockman OTTAWA

Renee Saviour    Toronto

Anu Luoma         

Ellie Lgn               Ottawa

Shane wattie      Ottawa

Peter O\’Rourke Ottawa

Shelley Buhay     ottawa

Caitlin Mclauchlan            Ottawa

Roisin Novosel   Ottawa

Rosanne Iland    Ottawa

Sabine Lamothe  Gatineau

Michael Foster   Ottawa

Amber Kayed      Ottawa

Alexandra Hachey    Ottawa

Regina Ross

duncan mc donald            ottawa

Rose-Marie Leclerc          Gatineau

Deanna August   Gatineau

Christina Fernandez         Ottawa

Terry Cariglia-Bull             Stouffville Ontario

Collette D’Aoust         Cobden

Emrhys williams VICTORIA

Nigel Klemenčič-Puglisevich    Ottawa

MADELEINE KIES              Etobicoke

Jim Shaw             Nepean

Vivian Joynt        Ottawa

Julia Ryan            Ottaw

Emilie Parent-Martin       Gatineau

Kate Szabo          Ottawa

Maelyn Kaya       Ottawa

Louise Riou         Ottawa

Elizabeth Sweeney           Ottawa

Cara Bowman    Ottawa

Danielle Daoust ottawa

Livia Mann-Burnett          Ottawa

Annick Tessier    Gatineau

Julie Cudowny    Ottawa

André April      Gatineau

Julia Douglas Freitas        Ottawa

Goodman Louise              Ottawa

Erika Henry         Ottawa

Deborah Tripudio             Ottawa

Liam Walke         Ottawa

Robert Poirier     Orleans

Magali Gavazzi-April        Gatineau

Teresa Cornwell  Kitchener

Kevin Lam            Ottawa

Jack Stolpmann  Ottawa

Tina Gripton        Ottawa

Natalie Baggott Ottawa

Evan Mostovac  Ottawa

Dariya petryshyn               Ottawa

Stephanie Morin               Gatineau

Jessica Holroyd  Ottawa

Marci Burgess    Ottawa

Jana Moore        Ottawa

Amber Brannan  OttWa

Caroline Spira     Ottawa

Patricia Butler    Gatineau

Francisca Lanthier            Ottawa

Emma scott        Ottawa

Mathieu Chantigny           Gatineau

Coll        Ottawa

Isabelle Martineau   Gatineau

Claudia Gutierrez    Ottawa

Diana Lester       Ottawa

Lillian Johnson    Sarsfield

Anyse Ducharme   Ottawa

Lyndsey Meikle  Ottawa

Edward Masters Ottawa

Karin Goessens   Gatineau

Giles Hodge        Ottawa

Rachel Glennie   Ottawa

Chase Donaghy  Ottawa

Milton Ellis          Ottawa

Ethan Smith-Johnson       Ottawa

Annie Vyn            Ottawa

Barbara Morrison             Ottawa

Jennifer Maybank             Ottawa

Olivia Johnston  Ottawa

Joe Hum              Ottawa

Melissa Thibeault Ottawa

Tom Deadman   Toronto

Maya Whissell    Ottawa

Felix Reynolds    Ottawa

Jacqueline Meldrum         Ottawa

Teresa Ostle       Barrie

Sadie Graves       Ottawa

Julaine Trudeau  Thunder Bay

Alison Schmidt    Ottawa

Reid Reynolds     Ottawa

Elizabeth Squire-Fisher    Kemptville

Isabelle Fulford  Ottawa

Roxanne Laflèche Rockland, ON

Line Gervais        Nepean

Sara Worts          Ottawa

Kim Taylor           Ottawa

Kai Corrigan        Ottawa

Kate Grantham   Ottawa

Anna Santaromita ottawa

Michael Miller    Courtenay

Cody Zulinski       Ottawa

Tahira Ismail       Ottawa

Patrick Brodeur  Gatineau (Aylmer)

Tiff wa  Ottawa

Bilane    Ottawa

Cassandra Sclauzero        Ottawa

Kiley Hyland        Ottawa

Mikhala Austin   Ottawa

Skye Hines           Ottawa

Bonnie Levesque Carleton Place

Hunter Gorelick  Ottawa

Rowan Jordan    Ottawa

Brook Ball           Ottawa

Margaret Zeng   Ottawa

Maria Seitcher    Kanata

Wyatt Owens     Ottawa

Matthew Zic       Ottawa

  1. E. Joanisse Ottawa

Otis Harvey         ottawa

Kelly Jordan        Gatineau

Denise Jones       ottawa

Heather MacLeod Ottawa

Alicia DiBattista Ottawa

Jean-Claude Allard Ottawa

Bec        Kemptville

Tyler Champion  Ottawa

Evelyn Campbell Stittsville

Fatima Elie          Toronto

G L         Ottawa

Amanda Larocque Ottawa

Justin Léveillé Smith Gatineau

M           OTTAWA

Taylor Hyatt        Ottawa

Kim Hobbs           OTTAWA

Catherine Mazerolle       

Cameron Serre   Ottawa

Grace Evenson   Chelsea

Janaya Miller      Toronto

Jenny Owens      ottawa

jennifer whiteford            Ottawa

Albert Pinaud      Ottawa

Nora Pinaud        Ottawa

Ali Nowicki          Livonia

Tracy Cole           Ottawa

Paul Pinaud         Ottawa

danica carrière Gatineau

Heather Robinson            Ottawa

Nicholas Hoffman            Gatineau, QC

Catherine Clermont         Ottawa

Susan Dick           Etobicoke

Geneviève Séguin       Ottawa

Yasmeen Abokasem         Ottawa

celena cc             ottawa

Connor Burke     Ottawa

Darlene Levecque Ottawa

Polly Hamilton    Ottawa

Linda Berry          Ottawa

Tisham Islam      Ottawa

Guillaume Malette Gatineau

Kiara Scherer      Ottawa

Julie Trus             Petawawa

Kevin Kelly           Ottawa

Katie Pemberton Stittsville

Evan Harvey        Ottawa

Thierry Clément Gatineau

Ailish Morgan-Welden     Ottawa

Tanya Sobrinho  Ottawa

Madison Forsyth Ottawa

Michelle R           Gatineau

Queade Di Ilio    Ottawa

Martin P               Gatineau, QC

Kathleen Frank   Ottawa

Laura Sosnow     Ottawa

Anna Carsley-Jones Ottawa

Ikram Abdul        Ottawa

Emma Buchanan Ottawa

sarah norman     Ottawa

Eszter Farkas      Ottawa

Michael Ricco     Orleans, ON

Natasha Entwistle Gatineau

Michael Ricco     Orleans, ON


Natalie Pronovost  Ottawa

Caroline Wolf     Ottawa

Robyn Lamont    Braeside, Ontario

Amalia Tinmouth Ottawa

Chantal St-Cyr    Cantley

Maeve Devries   Kanata

Laura Murphy     Ottawa

Katie Perfitt        Pakenham

Joanne Hefford Greely, ON

Chiedza Pasi        Ottawa

Olivia Gauthier   Ottawa

Madison McLellan Ottawa

Kristina Sarris      Ottawa

Alexis O\’Hara    Ottawa

Sarah Kyle           Ottawa

Joey Gaskell        Gatineau

Lilli Thomas         Ottawa

Laetitia Guillemette Gatineau

Dan Tellesford    Toronto

Aviva Gale-Buncel Toronto

Karen Mann        Mississauga

Géraldine Dion St-Pierre Ottawa

Christopher Cook             Ottawa

Rosella Chibambo            Ottawa

Amrit Randay      Abbotsford

Megan Jensen    Ottawa

Dean McCoy       Ottawa

Camille Proulx    Gatineau

Devora Cascante Ottawa

Camila Catalan   Ottawa

Thomas Lynch    Ottawa

Vern Ivie              ottawa

Kaia Thomas       Ottawa

Steven Scharf     Ottawa

Wengle Gossa    Ottawa

Danielle Hodgson Ottawa

Caroline Chenail Gatineau

Ian Chardine       Ottawa

Gisele Samson-Verreault Kanata

Joseph Verreault Ottawa

Christina Anderson Ottawa

Jamie Douglas    Ottawa

François Laplante-Beaudette     Québec, QC

Elizabeth Thorn  Ottawa

Dee Campbell     Ottawa, ON

Keri Robertson   Ottawa

Jillian Beedell      Ottawa

Luke Phelan        Ottawa

Sarah     Ottawa

Madeleine Caron Ottawa

Roslyn Levin        Shelburne

Maya Mendez    Gatineau

Elizabeth Dandy Ottawa

Krista Hum          Ottawa

Petra Halkes       Ottawa

Thane Eisener     Ottawa

A Dumas              Ottawa

Amanda joly        Gatineau

Collin Patrick      Ottawa

Shannon LeBlanc OTTAWA

Melissa Harvey   Gatineau

Matthew Freedlander      Toronto

Meeza Omar       Toronto

Anna Beedell      Ottawa

Gerry Oliver        Gananoque, On

Jinny Yu Ottawa

kim cote              Shawinigan

Laura Newton Miller Ottawa

Sara Jinha            Canada

Bodhi Gillis          Ottawa

Robert Lovejoy  Ottawa

Jessica Tan          Ottawa

Ben Van Dine      Ottawa

Nicola Whitehouse Ottawa

Jim Bennett         Ottawa

Kate Headley      Ottawa

George William McKenna Toronto

Laurie Kizik          Ottawa

Stephanie Lalonde Ottawa

Barbara Griffiths Ottawa

Peter Zakrzewski Ottawa

Julie F.   Ottawa

Wayne Mullett   Hintonburg (Ottawa)

Amanda Jarl        Ottawa

Bruce Tate          Ottawa

Bill Jack                Ottawa

Annette Hegel    Ottawa

Anna Sipos          Ottawa

Susan MacKinnon Ottawa

Jacqueline Trucios  Ottawa

Barbara Gourdie ottawa

Dan Chook Reid Ottawa, ON

Ted Radstake      Ottawa, ON

Andrea  Burns     Ottawa

Emily Jarl             Ottawa

Andrew Weston Ottawa

Frédéric Edwards      Ottawa

Sylvie Couture    Orleans

Vivian Knapp       Ottawa

Dave Williams    Ottawa

Paul Forster (Prof.)           Ottawa

Kaia Whitfield     Ottawa

Stephanie Hale   Hintonburg, Ottawa

Anne Shaughnessy            Amherst

Simon               Ottawa

Katie Scollon       Ottawa

Yvonne Stearns  Almonte

Lucie Tsai            Ottawa

Blaine Chessie    Ottawa

Brian Tychie        Ottawa

Rachel Gouin      Ottawa

Miriam Vanderhoff-Silburt Ottawa

Jane Burton        Ottawa

Bruce Hutchison  Ottawa

Matthew Smith  Ottawa

Attou Mamat      Gatineau

Marissa Gelinas  Newmarket

Nancy Mooney  Ottawa

Alice Scully          Ottawa

Marley Langman Ottawa

Tia Wong             Ottawa

Marc Overmars  Ottawa

Lisa Haynes         Ottawa

LeeEllen Carroll  Ottawa

Peter Gahlinger  Ottawa

Janice Pole          Gatineau

Mark Rollins        Ottawa

Mike Rudd           Guelph

Guillaume Beauchesne    Ottawa

Sigrid Johnson    Ottawa

Sarah Tessier      Ottawa

Kate Hudson       Gatineau

Sarah Whitfield  Ottawa

Jasmine neeson Ottawa

Pablo del Cid Nunez         Ottawa

Ross Meehan      Ottawa

Veronique Brazeau Gatineau

Alison Black        Ottawa

Wade Theriault  Ottawa

linda street          ottawa

Katherine Stauble             OTTAWA

Alyson Terry        Carleton Place

Judy Brooks        Ottawa

Ava Horváth      Ottawa

Fran Klodawsky  Ottawa

Stephen Baird     Ottawa

Robin Mudry       Ottawa

Thernier               Shefford

Susan Dell            Ottawa

Geri Moss-Norbury Ottawa

Daniel Sharp       Ottawa

Jeff Smith            Ottawa

Judith Stoler        Ottawa

Jessica Cadesky  Ottawa

Ashley Hird          Nepean

Michael Sepa      Westboro

Alexa Shipman    Ottawa

Nathalie Bondy  ottawa

gillian wight        OTTAWA

Christine Bull      Ottawa

Karen Spence-Elder          Ottawa

Isabelle Kim        Ottawa

Ibrahim Daibes   Ottawa

Matt Wilbur        Ottawa

Margaret Jean Mason     Ottawa

John Packer        Ottawa

Jane Northey      Ottawa

Jordan Edgecombe          Ottawa

Alex Wilson         OTTAWA

Mike Salmon       Ottawa

Brigitte Ottawa

Andrew Markle  Ottawa

Veronique Marcus            Gatineau

Stephanie Morin               Ottawa

Tazirie LeClerc    Ottawa

Kim Albota          OXFORD MILLS

Michèle Ménard-Foster           Ottawa

Sean O\’Brien     Ottawa

Diane Kampen    Ottawa

Marc Poitras       Ottawa

Brenda Ryan       Ottawa

Robina Scrivener               Gloucester

Catherine Casserly           Ottawa

Jane Lamb           Ottawa

Diana Hauser      Ottawa

Barbara Conway               Ottawa

Tamara Kalnins  Ottawa

Julie Vachon       OTTAWA

Leah Lepage       Ottawa

Shawna Clancy  

Véronique Dupuis         Ottawa

Janelle Zhao        Ottawa

Christine Di Loreto           Ottawa

Jennifer Mulligan              Gatineau

Lindsay Chan      OTTAWA

Ian Bowles          Ottawa

Andrea  Ottawa

Angela Mackay  Ottawa

Jacqueline Glance Ottawa

Andrew Hind       Ottawa

chris deraiche     Ottawa

Christiane Joanisse Gatineau qc

Menatalla            Ottawa

Jeremy Pinson    Ottawa

Kirsten Greenleaf              Ottawa

Andrew McMaster           Ottawa

Lynda Hockey     Ottawa

Ruth Kirk              Ottawa

Ashley Armstrong             Ottawa

Karla Skoutajan  Ottawa

Tim cutts             Ottawa

Marion Godwin  Ottawa

Cristina  Popa     Ottawa

Andrea Clouston  Ottawa

Juliette Nadreau Wilson  Chelsea

Kathleen Turner Ottawa

Jason Thomson  Ottawa

Erin Mayhew      Ottawa

Heather Tait       Ottawa

Debra Huron       Ottawa Ontario

Ruth Ann Sullivan              Ottawa

Debbie Lawes     Ottawa

wendy hopkins   VAL-DES-MONTS

Joanna Adam      Ottawa

Leslie Bricker      Ottawa

Nancy Finn          Ottawa

Connie Mayhew Ottawa, Ontario

Mona Pare          Ottawa

rakesh misra       Ottawa


Joanne Harbluk  Ottawa

Sarah Tremblay  Ottawa

Crystal Dubbin-McCrea   Ottawa

Sandra Smith      Ottawa,ON

Ray Therien         Ottawa

  1. Rayes Ottawa

Lisa Barleben      Ottawa

Anne Mather      OTTAWA

Siobhan Kiely      Ottawa

Kim Kramer         Ottawa

Liz Mainwaring   Ottawa

Susie Pearson     Ottawa

P.a. richer            Ottawa

Gemma Bonham-Carter  Ottawa

Catherine Hewlett            Ottawa

Claudine Lalonde              Gatineau

Luisa Bock           Dalkeith

Eric Hewson        Buckingham Que

Eric Hewson        Buckingham

Audrey Grondin  Gatineau

Marie-Pier Fradet Gatineau

Conrad Charbonneau      Ottawa

Karen me Woodall           Ottawa

Ian Evans             Gatineau

Wendy Knight     Ottawa

Jo-Anne Stasiuk  Kanata

Lara Semaan       Ottawa

Alexa Daigneault-Desroches         Gatineau

Norman Walker Ottawa

Louise Perrault   Nepean

Marie Zentner    Ottawa

Jenna MacLellan               Ottawa

Chloe Poitevin    Ottawa

Ann Flynn             Ottawa

Sarah Birnie        Ottawa

David Welch       Ottawa

Sharen Bowen    Ottawa

Randy Henning   Trenton

Djama Ahmed     Ottawa, ON

Jamie Mccullough            Ottawa

Joe Burt               Ottawa

Yolanta Krawiecki             Ottawa

Kevin Ladstaetter             Ottawa

Mira Kaur Kindra               Ottawa

Justin Ford           Gatineau

Catherine Khordoc           Ottawa

Gale Franklin       Ottawa

Nathaniel Bruni  Ottawa, ON

Donna Malone   Ottawa

Christopher DesRivières Gatineau

Vanessa Maville Ottawa

Ria Heynen          Ottawa

Ava Cochrane     Ottawa

Anna Hoefnagels Nepean

Lucy Watson       Ottawa

Jennifer Gallant  Ottawa

Maxine Walters Ottawa

Greta Chase        Ottawa

Catherine Myers Kingston Ontario

Tanya Simoneau Ottawa

Lawrence Hill      Ottawa, Ontario

Rikin A   Ottawa

Jan van Heuzen  Ottawa

Michael Bernards             Ottawa

Jessica Hodgins  Ottawa

Amy Talarico      KANATA

Daniela Stano     Ottawa

Jenny Lemon      Ottawa

Anna Seguin        Stittsville

Alanna Trines      Kemptville

Marie Lloyd         Kingston

Elizabeth Bryce  Ottawa

Scott Simpson    Gatineau

Sarah Kiraly         Ottawa

Kent Hall              Gloucester

Tara Michelle Molloy       Ottawa

Michael Ensley   Beamsville , Ontario

Danilo Antonio Velasquez              Ottawa

Melissa Neubert Kula, HI

Chloé Lucas    Ottawa

Wendy Dixon      Buckhorn

Gabby Piper        Ottawa

Maureen stark    Ottawa

Olivia Crysler      Ottawa

Katrin Nagelschmitz         Ottawa

Jessica Arseneau               Gatineau

Katherine McKenzie         Ottawa

Alan Seymour     Ottawa

Mari-Beth Crysler             Ottawa

Jelka Lujic            Ottawa

Isabella Crysler   Ottawa

Adrienne Acton  Ottawa, ON

Aaron Woof        Ottawa

Tanja Babic         Ottawa

Miles Krauter      Ottawa

Canute Planthara              Ottawa

Linda Pietarinen Hammond

Meghan O’Malley      Ottawa

Sophia Crysler    Ottawa

Gordon Karlsen  Ottawa

Tetyana Belitska               Ottawa

Tim Crysler          Ottawa

Gabriela Warrior Renaud               Ottawa

Elly Turk               stittsville

Gregoire Laforce Gatineau Qc

Lyne Tassé      Gatineau

Marie Tremble   Ottawa

Nick Bridges        Mechanicsville, Ottawa

Nicole Hurtubise               Ottawa

Theresa Hurtubise            OTTAWA

Richard Cawthorn            Ottawa, ON

Joan Kuyek          Ottawa

Keri Bishop          Ottawa

Sorya Gopalan    Ottawa

Scott Haldane     Ottawa

Tasha Cooper     Vanier

Dorothy Baker    Ottawa

Marie-France  Okomono Ottawa

Brian McDougall Ottawa

Anne Walzak       Ottawa

Yvon Cyr              Gatineau

Finola Francis     Ottawa

Karine Gauvreau Gatineau

Lorraine Nagy    Ottawa

Liam Kenny         Newmarket

Sibyl Frei              Gabriola

Jean Nelson        Ottawa


Shayesteh NaeimabadiOttawa

Shayesteh NaeimabadiOttawa

Maria Richichi    Ottawa

Lorraine Boyce  Kazabazua          

Jonathan Bondoc             Ottawa

Leah Geller         Ottawa

Sonya Sweeney                Ottawa

Jonah Davidson-Harden                Kingston             

Jack MacDonald                Ottawa

Sara Mihajlovic  Waterloo            

Marianne Dos Santos     Kanata  Ottawa Catholic School Board

Mahmood Edalatmanesh             Ottawa                

Amy Hinchey     Ottawa, ON       

Tim Graitson      Nepean               

Meredith Woods             Ottawa

Jane       Ottawa

Emily MacPherson           Ottawa

Hannah Velle     Ottawa

Amanda Grimaldi             Moncton, formerly of Ottawa   

Helen Georgia VANCE    Ottawa Unitarian House Seniors  Retirement Community

Safae MaslouhiOttawa

Justin Romard   Gatineau            

Patricia Huston  Ottawa

Real Perriard      Ottawa

Amanda Caldwell             Ottawa

Jennifer Hasko  Ottawa

Codie Fortin Lalonde      Ottawa

Robert J Dunn   Ottawa

Chris Aino Pihlak               London

Brittany MacPhee            Ottawa

Chrisann Harding              Mountain           

Annette Weisberg           Kingston             

Marie-Christine Bois       Nepean               

Safira Teja           Calgary

Rene Torres       Ottawa

Nicole Chury      Ottawa

Shoshana Freedman      Ottawa

Taylor Hutchings,  Ottawa            OCSB

Carlos Velasco   Nepean               

Julia calcafuoco                 Ottawa

Caroline Lu          Ottawa

Krista Lesage      Ottawa

Linda Poitevin    Gatineau

Maureen Dufour              Ottawa

Vanda Ferrao     Ottawa

Jessica Ottawa

Jessica Fortin     Ottawa

Chris Mainwood               Ottawa

Tina Novikoff     Kanata

Serena Di Cicco London, Ontario               Ottawa Catholic School Board

Pats Sutherland                Ottawa

Marianna van de Lagemaat         Navan

brian  cockburn Ottawa

Wolfe Erlichman               Godfrey

Sherri Watson   Ottawa

Adam Davidson-Harden                Kingston, Ontario

Maddie O’Neil-Johns     Ottawa

Aisling McCaffrey             Ottawa

Adrien Collet Serret        Ottawa

Stephanie Cardinal          ottawa

Bonnie McCrimmon        Verdun

Roxanne Murrell              Ottawa

Jennifer King      CarletonPlace    Ottawa Catholic School Board-Holy Trinity CHS

Jennifer Henderson, Ottawa      Carleton University

Janine Lameiras                Courtice              

Jared DavidsonOttawa

Danielle Labonte              Manotick            

Jane Lindsay, Ottawa     First U Ottawa

Meagan O           Ottawa

Wendy Shaughnessy      Ottawa

Ashley Moore   Ottawa

Heather Orlik     Gloucester         

Anne Dagenais  Gatineau            

Lise-Anne Leveille           Gatineau            

Nicole Mcklusky, Orleans,  St Kateri Tekakwitha Elementary school

Terry Bridges     Kelowna             

Linda Green       Ottawa

Catherine Lyons               , Ottawa, Ottawa Catholic School Board

Anne-Marie Fraser          Nepean               

Robert Moore   Ottawa

Katie Brown       Nepean               

Jasmine Courneya           Ottawa

Karen Kyle          Ottawa

Paula McKee      Ottawa

Ian Hussey          Stittsville             

Kevin Nearing    Ottawa

Marianne Graham           Ottawa

Anita Toni            Gatineau             Canada School of Public Service

Mel        Ottawa

Christine Bois     Almonte, On     

Christine Welch, Ottawa

Oliver Thorne    Ottawa

Emilia Prus          OTTAWA             

Brenda Edwards               Ottawa Ottawa Catholic School board-teacher

Martin Deschambault    Orleans               

AnaLori Smith    Ottawa Treasury Board Secretariat

Angela Duff        Ottawa

Doug perrault    Ottawa, On

Kevin Kelly, Ottawa, Ottawa Catholic School board

Sophie Collins    Laval, QC

Matthew Uhrig Winchester, Ontario

Ekbal     Edmonton

Paula Tiszai         Ottawa

Chloe Walker     Ottawa

Lois MacFarlane Chadwick           Ottawa

Tom Chadwick   Ottawa

Brandon               Ottawa

Keira Chadwick Ottawa

Sarah Marsaw   Ottawa

Hannah Kilby      Ottawa

Tracy Cruise        Kanata

Mercedes Villeneuve-Maheux 

Norah M McMahon        Ottawa

Karina Hebert    Nepean

Mary Joan Jensen            Kemptville

Coralie Mazerolle             Gatineau

Diane DesRivieres            Ottawa, Ontario

Aliya Moosvi      Milton

Rebecca MacDonald       Ottawa

Steve Bond         Ottawa

Jennelle Doyle  Ottawa

Sarah     Ottawa

Sheri      Ottawa

Anna-Marie Melanson  Ottawa, Ontario

Christine Conley               Ottawa

Sheri Levine       Ottawa

Christine Conley               Ottawa

Laurie Giroux     Ottawa

Kaniz Mavani     Edmonton, Alberta

Ruth San Martin               Toronto

Graham Mastersmith     Carp, Ontario

Alex Demers      Kingston

Carol A. Throop Ottawa

Elaine Stephens                Ottawa, on

Thomas Carter  Ottawa

Kamerine Gardam           Gloucester

Laura Welsh       Ottawa

Ron Vardon        Whitby, ON

Freda Philippe   Ottawa, Ontario

Matthew champ              Ottawa

Shannon Moore               Ottawa

Heather Swan   Pontiac

Hayley Sherman               Ottawa

Louise Blouin     Cornwall

Denise Paradis  Ottawa ON        

Muriel Kouongueng        Gatineau            

Kiersten Bellehumeur    Gatineau, Quebec          

Elise Mennie      Gatineau            

Laurie Dillon-Schalk         Formerly Gloucester     

Janice Swan        Pontiac                

Irene Lam            Toronto

Lynn MacDonald              Orleans

Felix Archambault            Montreal

Élisabeth Bruins          Ottawa

Jenan Williams Gatineau

Johan galipeau  Ottawa

Jim Harris             Nanaimo             

Aviva Gluss         Ottawa

Bernard Rechico               Ottawa

Barbara Riley      Ottawa Barbara Riley

Nazira Naz Tareen           Ottawa                 Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization

Avanthi Jayasuriya           Kingston             

Debbie Rowe     Ottawa NA         

Jaisie Walker      Ottawa

Natalie DeVidi   Ottawa

Maixme Brunet                Ottawa

Becky Wheeler Ottawa, Ontario

Bryanna               Ottawa

Peggy Mcphail   Mississippi Mills

Jennifer Crain    Ottawa

Carol Myles        Ottawa

Kayleigh Rick      Ottawa

Sandrine Oka     Ottawa

Vrinda   Ottawa

Carmen Contreras           Ottawa

Lise Dingwell      Ottawa

Curtis Laurin       Ottawa

ross arial              Ottawa

Kari Peltonen     Ottawa

Nick Pelletier     Sainte Cecile De Masham

Annie Rail            Laval, QC

Helga Mankovitz              Kingston

Azra Alibhai        ottawa

Melanie Stafford              Ottawa

Catherine Paterson         Kemptville

Sophie Scott       Ottawa

Jordan (me) Hardwick    Ottawa

Patrick Lebrun   Ottawa

Sarah Fletcher   Williams Lake BC

Kimberly Vandermeer   Ottawa                 Somerset West Community Health Centre          

Cameron E Randall          Vancouver         

Michelle Johnston           Ajax       Society of United Professionals

Lisa Deacon        Embrun               

Heather Bergstrom         Ottawa

Maude Pelland Tessier  Ottawa

Sarah Patterson                Ottawa

Jillian McGivern                Ottawa

Margaret Smith                Williamstown NB             

Nathaniel Parant              Navan  

Anna Bula            St.Catharines    

Brent Nicolle      Ottawa

Aisling Gilmour  Ottawa Carleton University

Emily Lynn Iselmoe         Ottawa

Marc-Andre Anderson  Gatineau            

Pasternak Shiri  Toronto

Kaitlynne-Rae Landry     Ottawa

Gillian Rick           Ottawa

Marie-Claude Seguin      Ange-Gardien

Moira Rehmero                Montreal

Toby White         Vanier  

Laurel Boucher  Stittsville             

Lisa Walker-Sharp            Ottawa First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa

Kira Zanyk Davey              Ottawa

Babacar Faye     Ottawa

Alexandra Bedyn             Ottawa

Emily Carrigan    Ottawa

Lena Talback      Merrickville        Public Service Alliance of Canada

A HS       Ottawa

Veronique Gaboury-Bonhomme                              Gatineau

Kieran Mckinnon              Ottawa

Joseph Roque   Ottawa

Anya Fraser        Ottawa

Kim Senecal        Gatineau

Kim Farris-Manning         Ottawa

Susan Ross          Ottawa

Skye McMenemy            Gatineau            

SAMUEL HETO   KANATA               Title

Marie-Claude Charland Val-des-Monts 

Julie Louise Cooke           Smiths Falls        

Barbara Matthews          Nepean 

Katelyn Cartwright          Ottawa

Annemiek Van Den Berg              Gatineau

Mélanie Paul Ottawa

Emily Wahl          Nepean

Paul Sylvestre    Kingston

Beverley Viljakainen       West Grey Ontario

Rachel McNamara           Gatineau

Emmanuelle Larocque   Limoges, Ontario

Russell John Pastuch      Ottawa

Sally Raad            Ottawa

Claudel Arseneault-Mercier        Ottawa

Marlene               Nepean, Ontario

Joanna Forbes   Gatineau

Debbie Grisdale                Ottawa

Robert Sims        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada             

Anika BOttawa

Stephanie Penwarden   OTTAWA             

Philip Wouda     Gatineau

michael taft        ottawa

Laura Jarecsni    Ottawa

Leah Daly             Nepean

Kaitlyn Laycraft                 Ottawa

Guy Belleperche              Ottawa, ON

Lesley Dunfield                 Ottawa

Clifford Ells          Ottawa

Mike Fletcher    Stittsville

Maryann Joseph              Ottawa

Sumbal Kausar Gatineau

Grace Grant       Pembroke

Sophie Dube      Nepean

Marit Quist Corbett         Ottawa

Eva Almeida       Ottawa

Chris Cassista     Peterborough

Sandra Houle     Ottawa

Danielle Fontaine             Ottawa

Pierre R Labelle Ottawa on K2B 5K6

Cheryl Armistead             Brossard

Linda Bedard      Almonte, ON

kera briggs          kemptville ontario

Breanne Roadhouse       Ottawa

Lynn Rainboth   Ottawa

Joan Dorsay        Ottawa

Lucie Desforges                Gatineau

Marie-Eve Vinet               Gatineau

Ivy Bourgeault   Ottawa

Aisha Bassuny   Gatineau

Lisa Howell          Ottawa ON, unceded Algonquin territory

Mariajosé Aguilera     Ottawa

Alpesh Patel       Nepean

Isabelle Ly           Waterloo

Anne-Marie Lake             Gatineau

Alrick Huebener               Ottawa

Michael Downey              Ottawa

Sara Jarrett         Ottawa

Farhia Ahmed    Ottawa

Sofia Lake            Gatineau

Stephanie COULSHAW  North Gower

David MacIntyre               Ottawa

Alain Lauzon       Ottawa

Kathryn Jackson               Ottawa

Laura Nerenberg              Ottawa

Anne Bowker    Ottaw


Jane Hueston    Ottawa

Beverly Edwards              Cumberland, On

Kevin parnell      Ottawa

Jessica Hetherington      Ottawa

Sheena Levesque            Ottawa

Louise Lafond    Ottawa, ON

Ellyn Maher        Ottawa

Shiloh Vanderkooi           Calgary

Darlene Nichol  Ottawa

Ferha Dhalla       Edmonton

Ethan Mitchell   Ottawa

Lucy Lu                 Edmonton (former Ottawa resident)

Peter Welsh       Cantley

diane filion          Gatineau, quebec

Diarra Aurelien  Ottawa

Victoria Platzer  Ottawa

Genevieve Marcil            Ottawa

David Rouleau   Oxford Mills

Margaret Navarro            Ottawa

Henzy Dasan      Ottawa

Caroline Lougheed          Edmonton

Jennifer Dey      Ottawa

Heba Khalil          Gloucester

Bozica Costigliola              Ottawa

Niamh O’Shea   Ottawa

Alexandra Ekstrom          Ottawa

Lianne Slaughter              Ottawa

Vinayini Murty  Ottawa

Devin Cook         Ottawa

Jade Therien      Val-des-Monts

Emma guthrie    Ottawa

Janice McGrath Ottawa

Alyssa Kumar     Vancouver

Sarah Malina      Ottawa

Gladys Manchester         Ottawa

Ariel Fitzgerald  Ottawa

Donna Cowley   Ottawa

Champagne Thompson Ottawa

claire heistek     gloucester

Louise Leroux    Rockland

Amy       Ottawa

Andrew Moss    London

Mercedes Ventura          Ottawa

Henri LeBlanc     Wakefield

Jessica Boyer     Regina, SK

Marita smirh      Ottawa

Dana Haidar        Montreal

Blanche Roy       Gatineau

Sam Mishos        Kingston

Christopher Chapman    Ottawa

Jade Lepage-Thériault               Gatineau

Nancy heckey    Gatineau

Marc Calabretta                Kingston, Ontario

Gregory Moore                Ottawa, ON

Anne Kendrick  Ottawa

Gary O\’Brien    Hull

Karen Cimon      Ottawa

Danielle Dubuc  St Alexandre

Gabrielle Peterka             Ottawa

Steve Clifton      Ottawa

Benoit Legros    Sainte-ecile-de-Masham

Jean-Francois Gagnon   Gatineau

Megan Fanjoy   Kingston, ON

Gab        Orleana

Manon Veselovsky         Ottawa, ON

Nicola Tomlinson              Ottawa

Julianna Tomlinson          Gatineau

Marie-Helene    Ottawa

Emma Kirke        Ottawa

Andre Fontaine                Ottawa

Eliza Aguhar        Ottawa

renate peters      ottawa

Julia Ostertag     Gatineau

Emilie B                Gatineau

Rebecca Carew  Ottawa

Joan Smith          Ottawa

Scott Macklin     Ottawa

Isabelle Verreauky  Bourget

Suzanne Tellier   Ottawa

M Corbett           Vancouver

Deborah McCartney Nepean

Elisabeth Hass    Gloucester

Tristan Nuyens   Ottawa

Gina Schalk         Ottawa

Ian MacLatchy   Ottawa

Christina Martin Port Howe

Katrina Hagerty  Thunder Bay

Corey Snelgrove Vancouver

Carolyn Kropp    Ottawa

Eva Berringer      Ottawa

Frank Stoyles      Nepean

Anne Coyle          Ottawa

Sakina Dhalla      Edmonton

Felicia-May Stevenson    Gatineau

Lynne Howell      Ottawa

Barbara  McMorrow        Toronto

Helen M. Rossiter             Ottawa

Richard Hudon   La Peche, Qc

Laurie Rodger     Ottawa

Devin Crawley    Ottawa

Anna-Marie Melanson     Ottawa

Jan Andrews       Ottawa

Barbara J Edmunds Calgary

Meghan Dunn Ottawa

Emily Noble        Edmonton          

Patrick Laplante Ottawa                IWW IU620

Richard Boyer    GATINEAU

Sabine E Nolke  OTTAWA

Moamera Omerovic       Ottawa

Calvin Climie       Ottawa

Makeddah John               Ottawa

Michelle Ruel     Ottawa

Andrew Lessard                  Ottawa

Paul Slater           Ottawa

Douglas Strudwick           Orleans

Shane Bartlett   Aylmer, QC

Doug Pham         Ottawa

Natalie Beaudoin             Ottawa, ON

Kaitlyn Buske     Ottawa

Sandra Villeneuve           Ottawa

Claire Dansereau              Ottawa

Benoit christie   Gatineau

Stephanie Sothcott         Ottawa

Melanie Ouellette           Ottawa

David Broscoe   Ottawa

Neilda Hayes

Michèle Leger

Jane Bunston     Ottawa

Maura Volante  Ottawa, ON

Heather McClure             Orleans

Jo Henniger        Ottawa

Camille poirier   Orleans

Paula MacPherson          Ottawa, ON

Nathalie Joly      Rockland Ontario

Corinne Baumgarten      Ottawa

Andrew Bean    Ottawa

Rachelle Todd    Ottawa

Natasha Landry Cumberland

Treena Grevatt Ottawa

Josee Poirier      Ottawa

Fred Tomlinson Ottawa

Annie Thomas   Ottawa

Sarah Andrews, Ottawa               

Lesley St Jean    Orleans

Deirdre Delahunt             Ottawa, Ontario

Harry Musson    Ottawa

Christine Burke Ottawa

Garry Curtis        Victoria

Carl Anthony Sonnen     Ottawa

Stacey Sparling Ottawa

Greg Johnston, Ottawa

Francisco Gonzalez, Gatineau, QC

Geneviève Beauvais-Gratton   Gatineau

Rupa Jolly            Ottawa

Daniel Charron  Gatineau

Pamela Medjesi               Ottawa, Ontario

Sandy McDonald              Ottawa

Dave Guthmann               Ottawa

Hannah Driedger              Ottawa

John Stephens  Ottawa

Lynn Graham     Ottawa

Valerie Birrell     Ottawa

Andrew Hubbertz            Ottawa

Deborah Conners            Carleton Place

Sarah Brandon  Ottawa

Jackie moisan    Gatineau, qc

Patty Kavcic        Ottawa Emmanuel United Church

Robin Matthews              Ottawa 

Pascal Arcand    Gatineau            

Marion Arthur   1512

Larisa Cheshire Ottawa

Madeleine Faucher         Gloucester

Jeremy Kirkham               Val des monts

Antonia Roul      Ottawa

Johic Mes            Ottawa

Marie-Helène Marleau               Gatineau

Julie Breton        Hawkesbury

Susan King          Ottawa

Roman Nowak  Rockland

Jennifer Arnold Loeven                 Nepean

Claire Niedbala  Ottawa

Douglas Van den Ham    Ottawa

Karla Irwin           Ottawa

Paul Makdissi     Ottawa

Celine Fortier     Victoriaville

Jeanette Stovel                Ottawa

kevin king            Ottawa, ON        Union of National Employees, PSAC ( current National President)

Michele Simpson             Ottawa

Agnes Davis        Ottawa

Yuping Manga   Ottawa

Valerie Jean       Gatineau            

Helen Zebedee Dartmouth         

Jocelyne Demers-Trottier            Embrun

Rob McCrae       Ottawa

Marilynn Kuhn  Ottawa

Dr. Flavia Sendi-Mukasa                Ottawa

Philippe Poirier                 Ottawa

Stephanie Audet Brazeau            Gatineau

Diane    Gatineau

Janis McConnery              Gatineau

Lisa Dennis          Ottawa

Pam Mayhew     Gloucester

Christine Kelsey  Ottawa

Abby Carter         Salem, OR

Anne-Marie Hawco Ottawa

Kim Thompson   Greely

Christopher Kelsey Fitzroy Harbour

Maxine Kossy     Ottawa

Cindy Michaliszyn Ottawa

Tracey Proulx     Gatineau

Andrea Ulczak    Ottawa

Mathieu Gaudreault         Ottawa

t o\’halloran       ottawa

Belinda Norman Ottawa

Martina Oconnell Hassard

Teresa Bozek      Ottawa

Cynthia Desnoyers           Ottawa

Gabriel Doucette              Nepean

Ashley Maddeaux             Nepean

Jim McQuaid       Ottawa

Jack Brind\’Amour Ottawa

Mariette St-Denis             Ottawa

Milenka Munoz  Orleans

Diana Partridge  ottawa

Julie McCann      Gatineau

David Drascic      Toronto, ON

Chad Godin         Ottawa

Cory Milley          Ottawa

Elaine Thompson  Ottawa

Cindy De Cuypere Ottawa

Brad Pizzati         Ottawa, Ontario

Charlie Foy          Nepean

Lisa Crawley       Ottawa, Ontario

Sue Walker          Dolgellau

Victoria Roberts Ottawa

Brian McCandie Ottawa

Phoebe Cullingham          Ottawa

Jean-Paul Nikota              Gatineau

Corry Burke         Ottawa

Robert Grimwood            Ottawa

Kathleen Magnusson       Stittsville

MICHAEL Magnusson      Stittsville

Ian Ross               Elliot Lake, Ontario

Michael Ferguson             Ottawa

Barbara Watson Ottawa

Karen Norman    Ottawa

Peter K King        Kemptville

Traven Benner    Ottawa

Marie Noel Labrecque     Chelsea

Jean-Yves Raymond         Wakefield

Marie-Elise Blais               Ottawa

Richard Brandau               Ottawa

Sumita Dixit        Ottawa

Barbara Mendel Ottawa

Robert Clarke     Gatineau

Johanne Marcil  Cantley

Rhea Sandy         Gatineau

Pierre-David Sabourin      Gatineau

Maya  Barabé                Gatineau QC

Maya Kotsovolos              Kingston Ontario

emma slaney gose           ottawa, ON

Valerie Bles         Ottawa

Brigitte Chavez   Gatineau

Claire Driedger   , Ottawa

Doug Hagar        Ottawa

Francid Rolleston Ottawa

Siodhachan Morehead    Dunsford

Glenson Jones    Ottawa

Kira Chandler Ogilvie Ottawa

Barbara Brown   Ottawa

Andrew Flynn      Ottawa

Ariella Wilcox     Ottawa

Jasmin Pettie      Ottawa

Vicki-lynn Smith St.Catharines

Jill Jones              Ottawa

Marie    Gatineau

Shawn Groves    Ottawa

Claude Forrat     Gatineau

Elizabeth Gregory Ottawa

Ruth Sevigny       Dalkeith

Ellen Seguin        Stittsville

Heather Elliott    Dartmouth

J Cepella              Ottawa

Jill Anguaya         Ottawa

Farrah Samuels Ottawa

Grant Harding     Ottawa

Julie Cruikshank Ottawa

Michel Dubord   Kanata

Ashley Medema Ottawa

Nathan Medema Ottawa

Pascal Monnin    ottawa

Joan Ramsay      Ottawa

Kiernan Morehead           Dunsford

Ève Surprenant Desjardins  Gatineau

Stephane Boulet Ottawa

Claire Touchie    Ottawa

Valerie Gratton  Gatineau

Bashir    Ottawa

Ben Morehead   Toronto

Mataab Bashir    Ottawa

Isaac White         Kingston

Muhammad Bashir Mustafa Ottawa

Dan Brazeau       Ottawa

Zue         Ottawa

Caroline Periard Gatineau

Zoulfira                Ottawa

Julie Therriault Gatineau

Steven Sdraulig  Gatineau

Daniel Pershick   Ottawa

Emily Putnam     Ottawa

Sarah Halpenny  Ottawa

Jordan Chaloner-Moore Ottawa

Susan Ward         Ottawa

Kimberly Hammond         Ottawa

Heather Castleden           Kingston

Eleanor Cameron             Ottawa

Christine Woltman           Ottawa

JO           Ottawa

Julie Harvey        Lac-Supeurieur

Megan McGovern Gatineau

Linda brown        Ottawa

Cynthia Beck       Ottawa

Christiane Joanisse Gatineau

Mandy Wilson    Newboro

Laura Halpenny  Ottawa

Jim kohan            Ottawa

Noel Cantin         Ottawa

Rosetta Sciortino  Luskville

Chantalle Lambert            NCR

Madonna Gardiner           St johns

Johanne Fecteau-Bouchard          Gatineau

Julia Jeffery Garza            Ottawa

Darcy Gauthier   Sudbury

Stephanie Lett    Almonte

Nicole Martel     Ottawa

James Curtiss      Ottawa

Ashley korn         Ottawa

Airlie McGhee     Ottawa

Anne Saunders   Ottawa

Jagmeet Pabila   Mississauga

Carita Ostiguy    Nepean

Ian Badgley         Gatineau 

Margaret Gilbert Niagara Falls

Patricia Caule     Ottawa

Jennifer Sokol     Ottay

Heather Chaundy Ottawa

Ardi Imseis          Ottawa

Melanie Pronovost           Ottawa

Shahani Goonetilleke       Ottawa

Marilyn S             Ottawa

Roseanna Coverley          Ottawa

Andree Crawford              Gatineau

Katrina Dumont Ottawa

Susan Fleming    Stittsville

Sybil Feinman     Ottawa

McGarry Martin Ottawa

Anne-Marie Laurendeau Gatineau

Kailey Probst       Ottawa

Laura Lutes         Ottawa

Chris Nicholson Ottawa

Chanelle Bellingham       Gatineau

Hayden Ivie        Ottawa

Laura Moeller    Gatineau

Julie MacGarvey               Aylmer

Gregory Moeller              Ottawa, Ontario

Amanda Cantello             Gatineau

Elaine Cote         Gatineau, QC

Maureen Hogan               Stittsville

Katherine Dern Ottawa

Melissa Forgie   Aylmer Wuebec

Garnet Whyte   Gatineau

Shannon Rogers               Gatineau Quebec

Dani Ryan            Gatineau

Corinne De Reland          Gatineau

Josee Chevrier  Gatineau

Tanya    Aylmer

Ashley  Gatineau

Kim Morin           Gatineau

Vanessa Fareau                Gatineau, Quebec

Sophie Bombardier         Gatineau

Isabel Rodríguez           Gatineau

Cameron Taylor Kinsman              Ottawa

Jess        Aylmer

Sarrie Krause     USA

Carol Stevenato                Ottawa


Chantale Tremblay, Gatineau, Abenaki

Christine O\’Meara         O

Samantha Dylak                Gatineau

Zoe Zeng             Ottawa

Natalie Burgos   Ottawa

Christina brine   Gatineau

Alex Neufeldt    Ottawa

Sabrina MacQuat             Denholm

Jasmine Libert   Gatineau

Camille Dessureault        Gatineau

Eeva Koski           Gatineau

Daphne Leung   Ottawa

Julia Belanger    Val-des-monts

Francesca Macchione     Ottawa

Shea Miller         Ottawa

Kara Arsenault  Gatineau

Emma Madigan Ottawa, ON

Kat Dupuis          Gatineau

Angella MacEwen            Ottawa

Jenny Lewis        Aylmer, QC

Sarah Byron        Gatineau

Anu shukla          Gatineau

Melissa sleziak  Ottawa

Corry Henry        Gatineau

Lynne Rowe       Ottawa

Robin McDonald               North Bay, ON

Alison Kranias    Ottawa

Stan Kupferschmidt        Ottawa, Ontario

Rev. Mark Whittall           Ottawa St. Albans Church

Pauline Merindol             Gatineau             PoeM Translation

Robina Khan       Ottawa

Jamie Harrison  Ottawa

Michèle Milotte             Ottawa

Fulvia Gutan       Gatineau            

Sharon Roy         Nepean               

Irini Mavroudis  Ottawa

Kit Ben  Ottawa

Lindsay Pritchard              Aylmer Qc          

Kathy Stankovic                Gatineau            

Rachel Maillet    Ottawa

Rachel Maillet    Ottawa

Adrian Larose    Ottawa

Melissa Michaud              Gatineau            

Samantha Mitchell          Gatineau            

Megan RennickOttawa

Lesha Bonnema                Aylmer

Kathleen Jean   Gatineau

Jaden Lairson     Ottawa

Francine Janura                Gatineau

John Walker       Dolgellau

Annette Vander Haeghe              , Ottawa

Caroline Barry    Gatineau

Helen Jenks Clarke          OTTAWA

Evie Brewster    Toronto

Christina Cook   Ottawa

Bob Thomson    Ottawa

Ross Brown        Nepean

Marie-Laure Collet          Orleans

Julie Comber      Ottawa

Sarah Stephens                Ottawa

Elena Calvo         Gatineau

Kristina Gallai     ON

Lawrence Russell             Ottawa

Natalie Gladu     Ottawa

Amy Boyle          Ottawa

QING YU              Kanata

Linda     Ajax

Leslie McGrath  Ottawa

Colby Williams   Ottawa

Lise Legault         Russell, Ontario               

Despina Papadopoulos  Ottawa

Nicole Robinson               Ottawa

Emilie Lalonde   Ottawa Healthcare Excellence Canada

Leah AckermanOttawa

Maria Mota        Ottawa

Westley Partington         Ottawa

Aleks Salminen Ottawa

Kelty Slaney       Ottawa

Richard Melvin Goldrick                Nepean

Vivian Petrie      Ottawa

Marsha Willard  Casselman

Rosario Castro   Ottawa

Safiah Aghliw     Kanata

Mohammed Saleem       Ottawa

Rana      Vanier  

Gita Baack           Kanata

Xavier Lairson    Ottawa

michelle sangster             vancouver bc    

Judy Mason        Chelsea QC        

Sara Grimwood Ottawa, Ontario              

peter a gillies, Masham, la fab cooperative artistique à chelsea

Rachel Stadder  Gatineau            

Amanda               Ottawa

Bob Dawson       Kanata, ON        

Shannon Smith Kanata 

Olivier Fairfield  Hull       

Arielle Contreras              Ottawa

Vivian Petrie      Ottawa

Anne-Marie Hogue         Ottawa Free the Falls

Allyson Quinlan Chelsea               

Heather McDermid         Vancouver         

Kent Prior            Chelsea               

Joan O\’Connell                Ottawa

Geoff Best          Ottawa

Katherine Noble               Ottawa

Julie Yeaman      Almonte

Suhashini Arulanandam                Toronto

Carole Westwood            Ottawa

Susan Evans       Almonte

Alma L Orellana Aylmer

Gabriel Álvarez               Ottawa

Jamie Taylor       ORLÉANS

Elizabeth Taylor                Ottawa, Ontario

Megan Taylor    Orléans

Tom Dougherty                Ottawa

Lynn Carroll        Ottawa

Karen Luyendyk               Almonte

Stéphanie Spooner    Gatineau            

Anne-Marie Lyrette        Gatineau            

Lisa Garrett         Carleton Place   Black Bear Healing Home

Kathleen Armstrong       Nepean               

Joan Haysom     Ottawa

Cecilia Calvelo    Austin TX            

Erin Gregg           Chelsea Quebec              

Christina Dell      Ottawa

Christine Forgie                Aylmer                

Anne-Sophie Alain          Gatineau

Marie Kusters    Ottawa

Meghan Coil       Portland OR

Sophie Enloe      Portland, OR, USA

Kelly Williamson               Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Lindsay Meissner             Sooke

Jeff Hamacher   Kingston, Ontario

Samantha Snidal               Ottawa

Elaine Mulcahy  Gatineau

Celeste Brunelle               Kanata

karen timm         ottawa

Bernadette Lariviere      Gatineau, Quebec

Laura Rostas       Ottawa

Margaret Eddy  Richmond

Bill Van Iterson  Ottawa

Andrew Crosby Gatineau, Quebec           Carleton University

Élyse Ménard          Gatineau            

Mary Myles        Ottawa

Anne Hoatua     Gatineau QC     

Sue        Ottawa Ont       

Jessie Wilson     Ottawa

Zachary Galvani                Kingston

Linda Nadeau    Ottawa

Megan McGarrity            Ottawa

Natalie Hart        Ottawa

Miyya Baki          Ottawa

Bob Dawson       Ottawa, ON        Dawson Consultancy Services

Julia Levin            Ottawa

Marion Godwin                Ottawa

Maureen Tracey               Pontiac

Jacki Hopper      Ottawa

Anne JohnstonOttawa

Cynara Desbarats             Ottawa

ida C. Henderson             Ottawa


Mimi Chander   Ottawa

Neil Chander      Ottawa

Boyd McBride    Ottawa

Amanda Kristalovich       Ottawa

Violet Demko-Garcha    Columbus           

Allison Conklin   Ottawa

Nadia Cecire Chougui     Gracefield          

Rajiv Kalsi            Ottawa

Jessica Cadieux Gatineau

Tim Lyon              Kingston

Susan Holmes    Ottawa

emma dugal       ottawa

Francine Bonnet               Ottawa

Jay Ladell             Ottawa

Valentina Perez Montoya            Ottawa

Joan Wright        Ottawa, Ontario

Jesse Bell             Kingston

Shawn Foran      Ottawa

Maria Virjee       Ottawa

Lulu Cares           Madison, KS USA

Sarah Lussier Hoskyn      Ottawa

John      Ottawa

Donna Villeneuve            Ottawa

Huguette Lemieux          Ottawa

Claudette Branchard      Wakefield, Quebec

Carley Hoja         Kingston

Claire Heistek    Ottawa

Mark Mahoney Ottawa Ontario

William Boulet   Ottawa

Janet Darlington

Mathieu Guibord             Gatineau

Roch Courcy       Gatineau

Theresa Leishman           Kingston

Ed Borza               Ottawa

Catharine Borza                Ottawa

Stephanie McNeely        Ottawa

Maurice Prevost               Ottawa

Stephanie Lalonde          Ottawa

Joan  Bishop       Ottawa

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt            Ottawa

Elspeth Ross       Rockland             

Wayne and Anne Montgomery Kanata 

Cynthia E. Mitchell           Ottawa

janet Thompson               Ottawa

Maureen Ramsay            Ottawa,                St. Basil\’s catholic parish

Astrid Hobill        Kingston Ontario

Mariam Ismail    Ottawa

Katherine Addleman      Ottawa

Marion campbell              chelsea

Martine Richer  Gatineau             Martine Richer

Amanda Maggiacomo    Kingston             

Leeann McGovern          Ottawa

Nathalie Matteau            Gatineau            

Gerry Churchill  Ottawa

Daniel Gagnon-Rousseau             Gatineau            

Paule Barsalou Guelph

Nancy Watters  Ottawa                

Sarah Ryan          Ottawa

Nancy Watters  Ottawa

Claudia Rupnik  Kingston             

Douglas Paul Durber       Ottawa First United Ottawa

Shannon Beckstead        KINGSTON         

Sophie LEpine    Gatineau

Marlene koehler              London, Ontario              

Joan O\’Connell                Ottawa

Karin Hughes     Ottawa

Joan Johnson     Ottawa

Adam Marsan    Nepean               

Ciaran Rolleston               Ottawa

Jill Allan                Ottawa

Patty Kavcic        Ottawa Emmanuel United Church

Chantelle Jackson            OTTAWA             

Sharon Moon    Ottawa

Richard C Burrowes         Ottawa

Bertha Mo          Ottawa, Ontario              

Rebecca Vosper               Ottawa

Alicia Low            Ottawa

Debbie Grisdale                Ottawa

Basia Mair           Ottawa

Carol Proulx        Ottawa

Nancy Tara MacDougallOttawa

John Williams     Ottawa

Carol Scott          Nepean               

Feliks Welfeld    Ottawa

Ian Sherwood    OttawA               

Shawn Nuttall    Ottawa, ON       

Patricia Wood    Ottawa

Jo-Anne Harvey                Ottawa

Alison Molina     Ottawa

Ken Beadle         Almonte             

Julie White          Ottawa

Sandra Burton   Ottawa

Adam Schipper Montreal, QC    

linda pollock       ottawa 

André Bernier               Ottawa

Colin Bellinger   Ottawa

Meredith McCabe           Ottawa

Jodie Medd        Ottawa

Erika Lashbrook Knutson              Ottawa

Matthew Grant                Ottawa

Nick Bachusky   Ottawa Mortgage In

Jennifer Harrington         Ottawa ON        

Betty Graveline                Ottawa, ON        Betty Graveline

Wendy  Tabor    Toronto               

Katherine Howe               Kingston             

Hiat        Ottawa

Tanya Fleming   Lansdowne        

Amy Findley       Gananoque       

Josh Snider         Ottawa

Donna Jeanpierre            Thunder Bay     

Katherine Stoffer             Ottawa

Cathy Mccaig     Dunrobin, Ontario          

Marion Mulvenna            Montreal/Gatineau, QC               

Kyle Cunningham             Ottawa

Sophie Tousignant           Montreal

Thomas Erskine                Ottawa

Pascale Pierre    Spencerville

Patricia Brush     Smiths Falls

Jonathan Askwith            Ottawa

Amanda Whiteley            Ottawa

Petra Smith        Ottawa

charlene gosse  ottawa ontario

Henry Troup       Munster

Sue Hosson        Ottawa

Jennifer Bulman               Munster, Ontario

Ernest Campbell               Nepean

Neilda Hayes      Ottawa

Peter Coffin       Kanata

Sue Rice               Ottawa

PJ Hobbs              Ottawa

Matthew Brown               Petawawa

Steve Zytveld    Ottawa

Michele Pollesel               Ottawa

Holly Savage       Ottawa

Joyce Dumont   Ottawa, Ontario

Malie Teng          Ottawa                

Aidan Kiser         Kanata                 

Kahlan Miron     Ottawa 

Simon Guibord Gatineau            

Edwina Chittilappilly        Ottawa, ON        Ottawa Catholic School Board

grant yeo             Ottawa

Laura Daly           Ottawa

Sara Kramers     Ottawa

Jane McBride     Burlingon            

Julia Riddick        Ottawa

Cameron MacQuarrie    Ottawa

Stephanie Shotton          Ottawa

Catherine Orfald              Maberly, ON     

Deanna Berry    Perth    

Patricia Smithen               Kingston             

Francis Thibault Gatineau            

Fonda Myers     Winlaw

John Bainbridge                Ottawa

Barbara Sharp    Ottawa

Matina Skalkogiannis      MONTREAL        

Diane Araki         Gloucester         

Tricia Sherlock   Ottawa

Lisa Musselman                Ottawa

Eimear Rosato   Montreal            

Ginette BesnerOttawa

Greg Gallagher  Aylmer

Julie Guyot         Montréal       

Michelle Sorenson          Ottawa St. Albans

Robert Rioux      Ottawa

Margaret Eddy  Richmond           

Elizabeth Cowan               Ottawa

Sean Matson     Moncton            

Astrid Lewis        Brooklyn, NY     

Donald MilliganLondon

Jacinthe Bergeron           Ottawa

Jocelyne and Jean Claude Besner             Ottawa, On        

Raina Barara       Ottawa

Carry Derome    Waterloo             University of Waterloo

Dani Baki              Unit10  

Adam Farhat      Ottawa

Patty Hoy            Ottawa


Betty Macgregor              Ottawa

Winona Brown  Kanata

Kieran Bodnar   Kanata

Colin McCallum Kanata

Charley Potter   Ottawa